Budget electric guitars.

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Ok, so a guitar is cheap. Don't automatically assume that it is less than great sounding than a more expensive guitar. Look at the above picture courtesy of Harrier guitars. This is the vulcan V cost £49.00 plus postage and for the money you get a whole lot of guitar. Simply put if you are looking for an inexspensive guitar don't overlook instruments in this price range. Name brands are great but too exspensive when on a tight budget. The best ones to look out for are sellers who are specialists in the world of guitars. Think about the guitar you want and how much you can afford and then look at the sellers feedback. The higher thye rating and the more positive feedback listed the chances are you will get a surprise with your purchase. I own 31 guitars including the one above from Jackson to Harrier and i can say that my budget instruments are more than a atch for the more exspensive Jackson and BC Rich that i won and just as much fun to play. These budget instruments really are work horses and in public can be a real talking point when doing a gig.


So to recap. Follow these simple guides to getting a great guitar for little money.

1: Look at the seller, check feedback and see what else they sell.

2: Stick to a budget and allow for postage.

3 When looking at a guitar look a the the phot quality.

4: If you are unsure then email the seller for more info, a good seller will always get back to you.

5: If a seller is more in to garden furniture and other things then they may not be clued up with guitars.

6: Ask the seller if the guitar is set up ready to play. A good seller is one who knows that the set up is part of the whole shopping experience.

The best sellers are ones who only sell guitars and ascosiated gear. With them you can buy or bid with confidence. I have many times.

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