Buffalo Induction hob repairs

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I repair Buffalo / apollo induction hobs
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I repair Buffalo / apollo induction hobs

Induction hobs are the future , saving money on electricity and make cleaning easy, as well as making a safer way of cooking

There are various models but all do the same thing, they produce a magnetic field which heats the pan - only magnetic pans will work.
There is no red heat or flame to cause any fires & they are easy to clean and use
Virtually instant heat, easily adjustable controls & have neat and tidy construction
They are 40 % cheaper to run than any other electric or gas hob
As soon as you remove the pan they switch off, therefore saving energy & money
The most common problem is when the saucepan used is too big or too small.
All hobs have circles printed on them.  The circles are the size of the smallest or  biggest  size saucepan you should use or the unit will overheat   
Thermal fuses inside will blow if you suddenly put a saucepan hotter than it should be on the glass, or the pan is too big 
If you do not abuse your hob they should last a long time
Fan failure is a common fault often making the unit cut out after it gets hot as the fan is not there to remove the heat from the main circuit board
If the fan fails replace asap or permanent damage will occur !
Loose connection often cause problems especially if the switch comes loose.
I can supply all spares from glass, fans, switches, circuit boards for buffalo single double and double heavy duty also Chefking,  Apollo and some unbranded ones;
alternatively  pack it up and send to me & I can give you a quote for repair
Contact me for details via ebay pacateringequipment
Happy cooking 

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