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I am a childminder and find this item very usefull. I have three babies in my care under 2 yrs old. I have a Jane powertwin and it fits on the side very nicely. It is great for walks and getting to playgroup the babies fight over who going in it. The fact it folds up is great too as when they dicide to walk you can just pop it up out of the way. 

The instructions are a bit confusing but hubby good at these things so done in no time. You can look at utube as they have some demonstartion vids on there.

The raincover is good BUT can feel very closed in and not all the babies will have it on. I have purchased a sun canopy from a local shop that clips on as the sun canopy for it seems a bit pricey. I paid £5.99 for it rather than £20. By the time you have bought all the bits for it it can seem expensive but being a childminder it was worth it.

If you do buy one ny biggest tip is to make sure that you check it will fit on your buggy before you purchase it.. You can go on the Revelo site and look at list of buggies it will fit.

Overall a great idea and I am happy with my purchase...

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