Buing Laptop motherboards from ebay, the true guide.

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Parcel Guru is a company that all it does is hardcore hardware repairs on Computers and Gadgets and Consoles, if this is your first time buying a motherboard for your laptop we'd like to give you some advice, we're not promoting anything just good clean honest advice. There's nothing wrong with buying motherboard for Laptops on ebay weather used or new, we do it too sometimes. However there are few things to consider before hitting the buy-it now button, I wouldn't recommend to buy without asking the very important question which is "did this board have repairs?"

We highly recommend buying a board that came sealed new "non-refurbished" or pulled from a working system without any modifications or repairscarried out. Some sellers write "refurbished" these boards mean they've been in an oven which from past experience do not last very long before they die. so try and ask the seller if this applies to you. unless reballing repairs have been carried out which we believe 2% of the nation's techs do it "we're one of them". 

We would also recommend to buy from a seller who offers more than 1 month warranty, obtain pictures of the board and look at any burns effect on itto find out if it has been in an oven, you also need to makesure it matches your model, I wouldn't trust typing for example "hp dv6000 motherboard" because there are many models of the DV6 series, some have extras so I would normally look for the part number instead which is printed on the board itself for an exact match. 

Don't go for the very cheap, good boards cost anything from £60 upwards.  look for "Tested and Working" and don't buy from Honk Kong it's just not worth it.buying a motherboard and fitting it yourself is very recommended, if you know how its not much diffrent from a PC board and you save lots of money there are many guides online how to do so, also have a look on Utube for video tutorials. 

Last, buying extra copper shim for the GPU and Chipset is highly recommended for your tempretures  reduction  especially on HP and DELL XPS. 

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