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Like a lot of people have been considering leaving the UK and setteling abroad, So after a lot of searching decided on Bulgaria, not needing the Sea, I chose to look for a place within the capital Sofia, duly meeting various estate agents and visiting different properties, prices had been spoken through including the various costs i.e. legal transfer and such like - Well to cut it short not only were most places either "falling down" requiring too much to repair or and this is the hammer - as soon as the seller new I was british the price rose when I walker through the door and this from between 5 and 10 thousand euros - Not a bad system - so decided to look at a "new build" - again - whatever you do get a good translator whom knows the areas, one "serious" company offered me a place in "Gornya Banya" nice area - so together with the rep and my translator went to view - seemed in the car to be a disagreement - between the "locals" so waited and enquired what the problem was - found out that the area was not as advertised and the company just said it was Gornya Banya to attract inverstors - many of whom didnt bother to visit - the area turned out to be in the middle of the Gypsy gehtoo on the North ring about 6 miles outside the area stated in the advert. When I enquired - seems that the companies take it for granted - all Brits are rich and think we are also stupid.

After much soul searching and looking at other places within Bulgaria - seems most Brits tend to either Take Varna- VT or Russe areas these are acceptable but again check - especially with the locals  Varna is very overcrowded - VT is in the wet season a mosquito area and Russe does still have a problem with gypsies - this together with some areas like Lovech having a high unemployment rate and a water/electric supply problem does mean use local knowledge. To the south near the Greece and Turkish borders are areas available but again these are more than likely to be requiring an extensive modernisation - and anything modernised they again ask a small fortune - if you can go and check if you cant then set your limit but remember not all places on the site are bargins and the Moral is before you sign any papers or send monies - get a decent impartial translator - mine cost me Euro 70 for 2 days - well worth the price.

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