Bullzeye Mark 9 Cardiology Stethoscope

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Bullzeye Mark 9 Cardiology stethoscope.

How many times have you lent your stethoscope to someone and never got it back? It is certainly one piece of equipment that I rely on heavily and do not like to be without when on duty.
I have spent a lot of time and money last year losing two stethoscopes. Therefore, I decide I needed to get something a bit more distinctive with functional quality and importantly affordability. Thus, I did some research and took the brave step of moving away from an expensive leading brand to give this company a go.

I have now used my new stethoscope for a little over a week in clinical practice. My first impression was that It was well packaged in a foam lined sturdy cardboard box. The stethoscope has a good quality weight to it and a nice robust feel.
The chest piece engraved with my name as requested was of a good standard with clearly engraved letters scribed at a uniformed depth.

The Diaphragm is sealed with a tight fitting rubberised seal, which produces a smooth well-tensioned auscultation surface.

The tubes are robust and thick enough and do not become entangled when being worn or removed.
I have cleaned the tubes using the [hospitals] recommended hygiene protocol and they have retained their glossy shine.
The stainless steel stirrups that lead to the ear tips are firmly fixed in place, and do allow a degree of adjustment for comfort.
The ear tips are threaded onto the stirrup making it virtually impossible to lose one. The tips themselves are soft and manage to block out the external background noise.

I was fortunate enough to be able to make a direct comparison to my colleagues leading brand stethoscope that is nearly four times the price of mine.
On auscultation of the lung fields, there was no real noticeable difference in the quality of the breath sounds being heard.
I managed to get an impartial colleague to test both stethoscopes. She was also able to confirm that the auscultation quality was equally in both models.

I am not an expert at listening for heart sounds and I was unable to notice any real difference between the leading brands against mine. My independent colleague thought that the leading brands bell gave slightly crisper heart sounds.


There are a few differences in the leading brand V's the Bullzeye Mark 9.
1. The leading brand ear tips are seamless and softer to touch, whereas on the Mark 9 you can see the moulding line and the material is firmer. This is purely an aesthetic difference as there was certainly no difference in background noise or comfort in my ears.
2. The stirrups of the leading brand are a few mm thicker and have better quality fell to them.
3. The bell on my Mark 9 had a few scratches on it from the box. These may have occurred during the engraving process. Which does distract from the overall look when compared closely to the leading brand?

Both the stethoscopes evaluated were one-week old, come with two spare sets of ear tips, and one spare diaphragm. Both have an extended warranty (Mark 9 is two years longer).
1. Would I recommend this product to my nursing and medical colleagues? Yes definitely.
2. Where there any real differences? There are some minor build quality differences, which you would expect considering the price difference between the two models.
3. Did the differences affect the overall performance? No.

I would definitely purchase another product from this company.
On a side note, the communication was excellent and prompt.
As a cautionary warning to professionals living outside the USA be aware that your local customs and excise may levy duty against any imported item.

Neil Perry
RGN BSc (Hons) Critical Care

MARK-9 Stethoscope w/ U.S. Shipping and Engraving Included


Handcrafted Workmanship
Professional Design
Superior Acoustics
Solid Stainless or Zinic Alloy Chestpiece
Extra Thick Two-Tubes-In-One Design
Soft Sealing Eartips
Latex Free
7 Year Warranty (Industry Best)
ScopeGuard Protection (Free 1st Year)
Includes Box, Name Tag, 2 Sets Extra Eartips & Extra Diaphram
FDA and CE Approval

Value Priced $79.90 USD
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