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I strongly disagree with the warning posted regarding the Bumbo and the baby of 8 months.  I am a mother and my daughter used her bumbo from 4 months and she was rather petite for her age.  I along with thousands of others had no incidents with it.  If the bumbo was on the floor and a rather inquisitive 8 month baby fell over in it, it is such a short distance to fall to the floor. Some babies walk at this age and fall.  I fully understand the worry but I personally find it hard to believe the extent of childs injuries, however "who am i to judge?" i hear you say.  I am not i can assure you.  I just feel that as a first time mother i was rather neurotic regarding my daughter, to the point it actually made me ill, and any mother in the same circumstances i was in (when you are unsure about everything as its all so new) may panic regarding this warning.  Bumbos are one of the best purchases i ever made for my daughter and she was so much more content when she was able to look around and see different things.  If a child is really inquisitive i would not put them in it as things do happen really quickly with children.  If there was a problem with them there would be a manufacturers warning and recall.  This is one of probably a few isolated incidents.  I personally think parents need to take the responsibilty of assessing wether it is suitable for their baby, the same as they would do when buying toys or clothes that suit them.

This is the warning that comes with new bumbos:


Never leave your baby unattended. Never use on a raised or  uneven surface, as a car seat, in a bath or in other water.  The Bumbo is happiest on the floor. Do not use until your baby is fully able to support its head.

Warning: Some larger or more developed babies could possibly get out of the Bumbo Seat.

You know your child and you will know if a bumbo will be a good investment for them.  If my child was able to get her leg over centre or in any way i thought she would be able to get out of it there is no way i would have purchased one.  I used it right up till she was 11 months and she was a typical 11 month old.  It was easy to throw in the boot of the car to take to friends/family for feeding etc.  Trust your own judgement on this one.  They are not for every baby as every baby has different needs and develop at different rates.  Because my daughter had used it from an early age she knew what it was for.  I woud not have purchased and introduced one after 7 months or so as this is when they want adventure!!!!

I felt so strongly about this i felt i had to write this, i hope it has helped anyone who was considering a bumbo.


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