Bush Internet Set Top Box

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The Bush Internet Set Top Box began with the IBX 100 or IBX 101 and featured 3 red and yellow user manuals and quick guides to help those who were new to the Internet.

The boxes were sold in Argos as well as mail order catalogues and included a handheld remote control which opened to reveal a small QWERTY keypad. A top circle mouse style cursor action helped move to different webpage links across the screen.

The single scart cable was connected to either a VCR or directly to a TV. Some TV displays weren't fully functional and a better quality scart cable fixed colour fade and strobing effects. You could then video record your surfing for reference.

The 6 volt transformer worked on some of the later versions featuring two scart cables and a fullsize keyboard. This included the Ctrl and Alt and Shift keys allowing extra characters to work. (Website tutorial is bushkeys.shows.it with more tricks and tips on the Bush User Group Forum as well as some Yahoo Groups.)

Save Internet Favourites for future reference or email details as a backup. Or add favourites to your account with Yahoo using its MYWEB service.

Bush box prices reduced dramatically a few years ago and set top boxes were even offered as freebies when buying a printer. In recent years, Ebay has been very helpful indeed. It provided useful auctions for the limited range of Canon and Lexmark parallel inkjet printer models and printer cartridges.

The pay as you go ISPs were Virgin.net, Freeserve and Supanet and each box was connected to their email services or to webmail.bushinternet.com as linked on the bushinternet.com homepage. This also links to a comprehensive Help section on the remote control and Parental Control On/Off settings and how to get started, surfing the Net.

Always buy from Ebay sellers who provide the 3 user manuals, the scart cable, the modem cable and adapter and transformer and choose the IBX 200 or 202 or 203 or 250 models with two scarts and the fullsize keyboard. If at all possible, get the IBX 260 for higher security encryption for safer online transactions.

The set top box offers vision but not sound so no music midis or wavs or mp3 files will work. The limited web browser is a slow 34 speed modem so this delays the loading times and some sites just won't load properly at all. Some links may not work because of web design choices which cater for PCs not set top boxes. However, most of the time surfing is straightforward. OPTIONS: Displays can be set to fit the TV width.

The main screen opens with the OPTIONS. Set for large text size and dial out prefix 1470 for ex-directory users to be recognised by Internet sites. Surfing is cheaper during the evenings and cheaper still at the weekends. Daytime use is not advisable as the monthly costs would build up like any phone call service does. Set OPTIONS, Internet cut-off or hang up eg 10 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours or no cut-off.

 In recent years, some Bush users upgraded to the Netgem I-Player or BT I-Player as they offered a 56 speed modem and higher security and let you choose and set up two ISPs eg 0845 pay as you go dialups or unmetered 0808 ISPs for about £10 a month, usually for about 150 to 200 hours access. Netgems offer Freeview TV and Radio Channels and sound options, too. USB devices can be fitted to a side USB port eg printer, memory pen drives, digital cameras etc. FTP service is included and you upload one file at a time to your website eg gifs, jpgs, html files.

Bush Internet has lost its market. There wasn't much in the way of software upgrades like the Netgem has offered. Bush Internet email has improved its services yet you could easily sign up for other email websites to try those out eg yahoo, care2 etc.

The Web TV community provided several useful sites which Bush box users can try out. Online services like graphics editors or effects and file copiers or transloaders help upload files to your websites using FTP services.

Many Ebay customers want an Internet box for light use and the Bush box offers this for very low prices. Another option is the Dreamcast console connecting with the Dreamkey 3 ISP configuration disk set-up and the console will play some really fantastic games as well as CD music and display jpg picture files on disks as well as play Internet music midis and wav files.

Check Google's search engine and Yahoo Groups. Shop around. Compare products, accessories as well as delivery charges. Keep all the packing and manuals safe if you consider selling on Ebay at a later time. Don't just buy a set top box. Consider if brand new or used as well as extra features and Internet call charges. Ebay sellers often provide in-depth specifications or website links and can usually answer your queries by email or on their auction pages.

Payments advice: A PC helps with Paypal auctions, otherwise cheques or postal orders suffice, if the seller has listed these as acceptable. I have bought several Bush Internet set top boxes from Ebay sellers for less than the price of the warranty on a new set top box.

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