Business on ebay - A jumble sale or a Profession?

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So once again rather than write an article selling one of my fabulous products and forwarding my efforts to make a million the hard way (ie no stockings, sawn off shotguns and terrified bank clerks) I am writing about EBAY!

or should I say E-PAL PAY BAY or whatever the corporation called ebay/paypal is.I have sent over 150 items out in the last three months. I have recieved 85 ++'s as well as 100% feedback - until last week.Now my 100% has the caveat that neg feedback was removed, rubbed off, deleted, scrubbed and expunged. But only faintly!!! WHY. If I have resolved this matter to the buyers satisfaction (sent goods worth more than lost items) then why does this stay on the record!

I also have a complaint pending  - two actually. One for and one against me. The buyer has claimed not to have recieved my item. Before this claim he did in all fairness contact me twice to request an update, which I diligently sent. But due to the general cynicism on ebay he spotted a typo ( i wrote 27th in an email and then 28th in the next) and has assumed that my hands are covered in the victims blood and I am some master ebay criminal (he now overuses the word allegedly and confuses and questions everything I say, do, do not say and do not do!). I gave asked him to contact me to see if we can as adults solve this, I am currently one shipment missing, a customer lost, time wasted / spent and soon to lose his payment. Why you ask ? because I have been getting a reciept of postage BUT Paypal only wants a tracking number - which does not exist! so I either ignore paypal and in a week he gets his refund (did he recieve my item? is it lost in the post? am I a master ebay criminal now £10 down? PAYPAL does not ask or care! only do I have a tracking number-NO I DO NOT).

Mysecond case is.... maybe better left till later. Please if you have had a similar experience or have a suggestion/solution (be nice) then email me. Thanks for your time.

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