Butterfly Wing Picture - BE WARNED!

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Please be aware that almost all of these "vintage" pictures are modern fakes. Forget the aged frames, the old-looking (often partly-torn) labels on the back of such pictures -  they're also fake. Another clue to their "origin" is that very often these (rare if genuine) items are listed with no reserve price!  A couple of years ago, such pictures were incredibly hard to find and justifiably commanded high prices. Now suddenly dozens of these "vintage" pictures have appeared on Ebay. Someone, somewhere is churning these out at an alarming rate.... China?  UPDATE: My apologies to China, it appears that many of these are manufactured in Brazil, because on a recent (July 2006)  trip to this country, a colleague of mine (and his wife) observed dozens of these pictures for sale,  either framed or incorporated into inlaid tea trays, on market stalls almost everywhere. UPDATE NOVEMBER 2007: Most of these pictures are made from the wings of Morpho adonis adonis ... readily available from entomological dealers including the world's number one ... Ianni Butterfly Enterprises (type in Morpho adonis adonis in this dealer's website search panel). However that said, considering the time, skill and effort that goes into making one of these pictures, the purchasers who have been 'suckered' into buying one of these "vintage" pictures cannot complain, because they are well worth the money ... but investment-wise are totally worthless. And now the latest con is to incorporate (Morpho) butterfly wings into "vintage" items of (allegedly silver) jewellery... brooches and trinket/jewellery boxes. Well all that I can say is if this so-called "silver" jewellery doesn't have a hallmark ....... THEN, FOR GOD'S SAKE,  DO NOT BUY IT!
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