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Buying items on eBay



Buying can be a little tricky on eBay, most offers are usually fine however you have to browse and buy carefully as it is possible you could find yourself being conned! In this guide i hope to give you a little more knowledge about surfing the eBay web hopefully educating you to make the right decisions.


The Buying Guide

The buying guide is a simple yet effective solution to solving problems such as being conned out of your money and it looks to good to be true. Some people decide to start and con people out of there money on eBay, listing fake items which they don't have, leaving the buyer with a bad taste in there mouth, and my guide will hopefully never give you that taste again.


The Guide

There are a few simple rules when browsing the eBay market to stop you falling into horrible traps, take a look at some of these methods on how to beat the con:-

  • Look at the price of the item, is it to good to be true, is the item a buy it now for a very small fee, ask yourself why, thy are probably trying to con you.
  • Look at the persons feedback, is it 100%, i advise if the posentage is below 85% don't buy from this sell and also remeber to look in there feed back file from the buyers point of view as the feedbacks may look good however they could be from someone else who is selling the item to them.
  • Read, Read, Read the discription of the item, most bids start off low and they are fine so don't start expecting every low starting fee to be a con, however most con men cover them sevles by writing to much for there discroption making you bored and include, "THIS IS A FAKE SALE", somewhere in the text so they can't be caught.
  • Finally go with your gut feeling towards the sale, and remeber most sales are fine just don't get caught.



Watch what you are buying, don't fall for any scams or cons and buy safe off eBay!


Thank you for reading my guide, look out for some of my others!

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