Buy Padded Envelopes to Improve Your Business

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Buy Padded Envelopes to Improve Your Business

With the number of choices in electronic communication available today, many items can be easily sent through wire rather than through the mail system. The Internet, email, fax machines, and smartphones allow contracts, articles, photos, and other forms of documents to be quickly and easily sent to a recipient for little or no cost. But sometimes businesses and individuals need actual hard copies of contracts or statements, or must provide product samples to potential clients. Many companies use padded envelopes to mail items that are not big enough to warrant a shipping box but cannot be sent electronically.

Padded envelopes provide a level of security and protection that paper envelopes do not, and they are more cost effective than boxes. There are several different types of padded envelopes, as they come in a variety of sizes and a range of materials. Learn how padded envelopes can improve your business and discover the various types available before buying padded envelopes for your company.

Improve Business with Padded Envelopes

When consumers order items online or through catalogues, they expect their purchases to arrive in perfect condition. Clients expect businesses to ship items in appropriate packaging, whether that is an envelope, tube, or box. Padded envelopes are an efficient tool for shipping a number of different items. They offer solid protection for the items being shipped and have cost benefits when compared to other types of packaging.

Padded Envelopes Offer Better Protection for Items

Padded envelopes contain one of several types of protective padding sandwiched between the front and back sides of the envelopes. The material used for padding provides bulk, which protects the contents inside. Businesses can rest assured that documents, photos, books, CDs, or other small items being shipped will arrive undamaged. Padded envelopes also offer a level of security compared to standard envelopes, as it is difficult to for anyone to feel the contents of the envelope through the padding.

Padded Envelopes Are More Cost Effective

Padded envelopes can not only help a business's reputation, but also its bottom line. Though they cost a bit more than standard envelopes, padded envelopes are less expensive to purchase than are boxes or mailing tubes. An added benefit is that shipping a padded envelope costs much less than shipping an item in a box. Also, a padded envelope offers more protection and security than a standard envelope can provide.

Know the Types of Padded Envelopes

Businesses looking to purchase padded envelopes have several types to choose from. The envelopes themselves are made of different materials, and use a variety of materials for the padding. There are a range of sizes and colours to choose from. Finding the right padded envelopes for a particular business is a matter of understanding the differences in what is available and matching the properties of the envelope to the item being shipped.

Buy the Right Size Envelope

Padded envelopes come in several sizes to suit a number of shipping needs. The smallest padded envelopes are roughly the size of a postcard, while the largest can easily hold an oversized book. To select the proper size envelope for an item, measure the width and the thickness of the item and add another 25 mm. Then, measure the length and add the thickness plus another 50 mm. Use the final numbers to select an envelope large enough to fit the item.

The table below gives the inner and outer dimensions of standard sized padded envelopes. Some usage suggestions are also given.

Envelope Size

Inner Measurements (mm)

Outer Measurements (mm)

Usage Suggestions


95 x 45

110 x 160



115 x 195

120 x 210

Floppy Disks


140 x 195

150 x 210

Compact Disks


170 x 245

1850 x 260

Video Tapes


205 x 245

220 x 260

Small Gifts


220 x 320

220 x 330

Paperback Books


230 x 320

240 x 330

Brochures, Pamphlets


260 x 345

270 x 360

Hardcover Books


290 x 425

300 x 440



340 x 455

350 x 470

Oversize Items

Padded envelopes use a universal sizing system. The letter and number designations correspond to a particular set of dimensions, which should be the same no matter what brand or style the padded envelope is.

Choose Padded Envelopes by Material

Businesses can choose from a variety of materials when buying padded envelopes. There are a few options when it comes to both the exterior construction and the interior protective layer. Choose from paper, plastics, natural fibres, or bubble wrap when selecting padded envelopes.


Many padded envelopes are made of sturdy Kraft paper. There are even eco-friendly options made of recycled paper. Water-resistant padded envelopes, with durable plastic exteriors, give added protection to items such as documents, photos, artwork, and books.


There are two main choices in padding materials for padded envelopes. Fibre-filled padded envelopes use recycled fibres, either shredded natural cotton or macerated newsprint, to provide the necessary cushioning. Padded envelopes that employ a layer of thin, lightweight plastic with small, raised pockets of air, essentially "bubble wrap", are sometimes referred to bubble mailers. This style of padded envelope tends to be lighter than fibre envelopes, but offers equivalent protection.

Thermal padded envelopes, designed for shipping perishables, are a good choice for businesses that ship temperature-sensitive products. This style uses a thermal shield in addition to bubble padding to maintain the temperature of the contents. Thermal padded envelopes are generally water resistant as well durable.

Other Considerations for Padded Envelopes

Standard paper padded envelopes come in white, gold, and brown. Plastic varieties are generally either gold or white. Some businesses prefer to use coloured padded envelopes to more easily distinguish their products from others. They are available in an assortment of bright colours and patterns, including metallic finishes and styles suitable for mailing gifts.

Some padded envelopes are pre-printed with address lines. Others are designed to be easily put through a printer. Many businesses take advantage of the option to order printed labels when ordering padded envelopes. Custom-designed padded envelopes are also an option, and many companies use them as a marketing tool.

Find Padded Envelopes on eBay

Businesses that switch to padded envelopes for their shipping needs can find them at office supply stores and general merchandise stores, as well as in post offices and shipping outlets. eBay is another great resource for buying padded envelopes. Shoppers on eBay have access to an impressive number of sellers and an extensive inventory of business supplies. A large number of sellers offer free shipping, and the size of the marketplace ensures prices remain competitive.

With a user-friendly interface and simple search features, shoppers can quickly find the products they need on eBay. To find padded envelopes for your business, the easiest method is to use a keyword search. Simply type the words "padded envelope" into the search box found on any eBay page. To narrow the results of this type of search, which often returns thousands of listings, buyers can select from a number of filters. Quantity, condition, item type, location, and price are just a few of the most common filters that allow shoppers to limit search results to a manageable number.

Shopping on eBay means buyers can take advantage of some of the site's unique features. Seller Feedback and Ask a Question are two of those features. The Feedback feature allows buyers to leave ratings and comments after a transaction regarding their experiences with that particular seller. "Ask a Question" gives buyers the opportunity to contact a seller with questions about product prior to purchasing it. Remember that sellers with a lot of positive feedback are more likely to provide a great service and quality product than are those with low feedback scores.


Padded envelopes, in every size and style, are seen in offices and home-based businesses everywhere. These durable, reusable envelopes are a better alternative than standard envelopes, and can be used in place of more expensive boxes for shipping a variety of items. Padded envelopes come in a host of styles, including those made of kraft paper as well as water resistant plastics. The material used to provide the protective padding is often made of recycled fibres, but they can also be lined with bubble wrap or even foam. More and more, businesses are turning to padded envelopes for shipping items such as catalogues, important documents, and product samples.

Ensuring customers and clients receive items in top condition is a high priority for most companies. Customers notice when an ordered item arrives with even slight damage, and this has a direct impact on their opinion of the company they ordered it from. In challenging economic times, cost savings are another priority that few businesses can afford to disregard. The simple choice to switch to padded envelopes can do wonders for the reputation, customer satisfaction, and operating costs of any type of business. Improve your business by using padded envelopes for your shipping needs.

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