Buy Replacement Parts for DIY Mobile Phone Repairs on a Budget

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How to Buy Replacement Parts for DIY Mobile Phone Repairs on a Budget

When a mobile phone is damaged or breaks in any way, the prospect of having it repaired can be daunting. Not only does it mean time without the phone, but the cost of having it repaired can often be considerable. In fact, sometimes, it can cost more to repair a mobile than it is actually worth. But for those that are willing to have a go, buying replacement parts for DIY mobile phone repairs can be a reasonable alternative that can save both time and money.

The Advantages of DIY Mobile Phone Repairs

Depending on the type of mobile phone damage, DIY repairs can be a fast and efficient solution to ensure that any mobile phone is back in service as soon as possible.


DIY repairs can be substantially cheaper than taking a damaged phone into a repair shop or sending it back to the manufacturer. Not only does it avoid the high price of labour for a professional fix, but it also ensures that the individual can choose the price of the parts that are used in the repair so that even the tightest budget can be met.


For older models of phone or discontinued brands, getting the phone repaired by a professional can be difficult, if not impossible. By carrying out a DIY repair at home, it is possible to fix even the oldest phone so that it continues to perform.


One of the key problems with sending a phone away for repair is the time it takes for the handset to be returned. Though a standard repair may only take a few hours, if the phone has to be sent to another county, the time without a handset can significantly increase. This can be frustrating for the regular mobile phone user and can be completely avoided by carrying out a DIY repair.

The Risks Involved With DIY Mobile Phone Repair

Warranty Issues

The major concern with any DIY repair on a mobile phone is the impact that such actions will have on the warranty. Almost any repair carried out by someone who is not certified as a mobile phone engineer could invalidate the remaining term of the warranty and leave the phone uncovered. For many, the advantages of a DIY repair will far outweigh the loss of warranty protection. For others, a DIY solution will only be viable once the warranty has expired.

Risk of Further Damage

If more than the basic mobile phones repairs are carried out, then the risk of further damage caused by DIY fixes can be significant. This is especially true for smartphones and more up-to-date handsets which are significantly more complex than in previous years. However, by researching the process beforehand and taking advice on the best way to repair the phone, it is possible to limit the risk associated with a DIY repair and renovate any handset effectively.

Choosing the Parts

Finding the right parts for a mobile phone repair can be challenging. Though it may be possible to buy replacement parts, there is always the risk that such products may not fit or could cause further damage to the phone. To avoid this issue, make sure that all replacement parts are specifically designed for the purpose and model of the mobile in question. Though generic parts may be cheaper, branded products do supply a more consistent level of quality and may, therefore, reduce the risk of the entire operation.

Most Popular Replacement Parts Used for DIY Mobile Phone Repairs

Battery Replacement

One of the most popular DIY repairs on a mobile phone is replacement of the battery. Though many mobile phone batteries last for a long time, they can become less effective over the years, reducing the functionality of the handset. And, for many phones, simply replacing the battery can extend the lifespan of a handset by years. Take care when replacing a battery in a mobile phone, as there is a risk that some data may be lost in the transfer. If the phone is still working or can be plugged into a power supply, it is always best to back up the phone before starting the replacement so that the software can be restored at a later date if required. In the case of a standard handset, mobile phone batteries can be replaced as easily as a battery in a camera or a toy. However for smartphones, the process is more complex. It is essential that all connectors are replaced exactly to ensure an effective repair. Many online resources will provide advice on how to do this and makes sure the repair is fast, effective, and considerably cheaper than a professional service.

Screen Replacement

Due to their very nature, mobile phone screens are prone to damage. Some endure scratches and breakages while others become soiled or fog up due to moisture absorption in the phone. In all these situations, with the right knowledge, it is feasible to replace the screen far cheaper than would be possible from a professional. Before buying mobile phone replacement screens do some research into the process that is required to carry out the procedure. Specialist tools may be required and it is always best to have everything prepared and to hand before starting.

Replacing the Camera Lens

Like the mobile phone screen, the camera lens within a phone is prone to breakages and scratches and may need to be replaced. It is also becoming increasingly popular to upgrade the lens with a replacement part to improve the performance of the camera itself. Whatever the situation, replacing the camera lens can bring new life to a mobile phone and ensure that it is fully effective for a much longer period of time.

Case Replacement

Whether the mobile phone case is being replaced for cosmetic reasons or to restore a phone following damage to the cover, such a replacement is now common place for many mobile phone users. However for more complex phones, this is not just a matter of removing one case and putting another on. Always follow instructions on how to carry out this procedure to ensure the delicate internal structure of the phone remains fully protected at all times.

Button Replacement

When a button becomes damaged or unresponsive, buying a replacement part can be a quick and effective method of getting the phone working again. A standard replacement button can be very cheap, but makes all the difference to the functionality of the phone. Simply by using the correct mobile phone tool kit and working within the guidance of someone who has experience in this area, a DIY repair can be a valid and cost effective solution.

How to Source Replacement Parts for DIY Mobile Phone Repairs

Finding replacement parts for a specific phone can be done in a number of ways, each of which has their advantages and drawbacks.

Buying Replacement Parts

In many situations, the easiest way to source a replacement part for a mobile phone is to simply locate and purchase the specific item required. This can either be a branded part which is supplied by the manufacturer of the phone specifically for this purpose or it could be a generic part which is created for use within a range of handsets. Buying a specific branded part will ensure a perfect fit into the phone and, in some cases maintain the warranty of the handset. However second hand or generic replacement parts can be a lot cheaper and the cost reduction can more than outweigh the risk in quality that could be present when buying an unbranded replacement part.

Using a Phone for Parts

For older or discontinued models of mobile phones, it is often the case that spare parts are no longer available to buy. When this happens, buying mobile phones that no longer work for parts can be a viable solution. This will ensure that all parts used in the repair are original products which should improve the chances of the fix being effective. When buying a mobile phone for parts, ensure that the make and model of phone is exactly the same. Never be tempted to buy an alternative model, even from the same manufacturer, unless it is guaranteed that exactly the same part is used in both phones.


With a little bit of knowledge and the right tools, using replacement parts for DIY mobile phone repairs can be a fast and effective way to repair any handset. As mobile phone technology becomes more complex, it is getting more and more difficult for repairs to be carried out by the novice. However, with a little time, a lot of patience and access to some good advice, it is still possible to avoid hefty repair bills and keep any mobile phone functioning longer.

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