Buy Womens Vintage Clothing on Ebay or Online

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Here at Darkside Threadz, we aim to help customers looking to buy women's vintage clothing on eBay an easy and seamless experience. Whilst nothing quite beats the excitement of rummaging around in a real bricks and mortar shop, busy people with busy lives would much prefer to make a cup of tea and browse the internet whenever time permits.
This guide will help you to make three important choices:
1. Why you should buy from eBay in the first place.
2. Whom you should buy from and why.
3. Women's vintage clothing buyers guide and quick reference.
Why you should buy from eBay in the first place
The internet is littered with vintage stores and shops of which you can take your pick. Personally, I find trawling through site after site a real time consuming bore. More often than not, when you Google 'vintage dress' the first 75% of that search will bring up shops selling brand new items which are in the 'style of'. The rest will be vintage but then there's the added task of finding exactly what you want and more often than not, the shops have poorly arranged categories with clothes from different eras all grouped together. Then you'll find the glamorous true vintage shops selling items for 'HOW MUCH????'...swiftly followed by a thud as you fall off the chair!
eBay provides customers with the option to bid or buy, depending on your shopping style. Most items are competitively priced and you'll find whatever you want with a typed search. You have the added luxury of narrowing a search down by using the sub categories which appear at the top left corner of the screen. What could be simpler!
Whom you should buy from and why?
The powers that be at eBay are hard task masters. They rule business sellers with an iron rod because they're constantly striving for the very best in customer care and satisfaction. When you see a seller bearing the 'Premium Service' badge, you can be sure they've worked very hard to achieve it. This recently replaced the previous 'Power Seller' title because, in a nutshell, selling large quantities on a regular basis doesn't equate to an outstanding buying experience. Of course there are pros and cons to buying anything online, however eBay provides buyers with 100% more than you'll get from a regular online shop. For example:
• Feedback is provided so that buyers can assess the level of service they can expect from sellers.
• Sellers have to provide several top quality photographs so that buyers can really see the product
• Provide an in depth description to include colour, condition, sizing with measurements and any other detail that    keeps a prospective buyer informed.
• Offer a free postage and express delivery option.
• Give a 14 day money back on returns guarantee.
• Sellers must post items within 1 working day from the date of purchase.
• Responds to customer queries in a timely manner.
You'll be hard pressed to find this level of service outside of eBay Premium Service sellers and why? Because it simply doesn't exist anywhere else!
Women's Vintage Clothing - Buyers Guide 
If you're looking to buy true vintage, it's better to do some light research and be relatively informed. You don't have to be an expert and you don't have to spend hours on the world wide web. That's where this guide (and others) come in useful. It's handy to have some reference points and things to look out for so I've compiled a table below by era. If you see a garment you like, don't be afraid to ask a seller some questions about it, especially if you're unsure. Outside of the look, other factors such as colour and fabric can help you to pinpoint it's age (see below).
NB - If you're on a tight budget and true vintage is out of your price range, you can always buy something slightly more modern but it'll still be vintage. For example, the 1980's and 1990's drew influences from the 1940's and 50's, especially in flared dresses and pencil wiggle dresses. You can always find these on eBay at a fraction of the cost!

I hope this guide is useful and if so, please vote for it. I'm hoping to compile others based upon 'how to get the look' of different styles throughout the century so please check back regularly. Thanks for looking!
Era Fabrics Colours Style
1920s Silk, wool, cotton, rayon, Georgette and linen Soft pastels in green, orange, maze, lilac, floral prints and blue Loose and boyish with a drop waistline. Mid calf or below the knee lengths. Sheer chiffon sleeves and overlays. Layered fringes or tassels, flapper style. Rayon stockings, Cloche hats, lots of costume jewellery, brooches and heavily beaded evening dresses. Headbands and feathers. High or mid heel shoes.

1930s Same as the 20's. Nylon was developed & replaced rayon in the production of stockings Two-tones such as black/white, beige/cream. Brown, grey, navy blue, black, dark cream, mustard Bias cut, slinky slip dresses. Low and backless gowns. Cap sleeves, ruffles and maxi lengths. Fitted and feminine. Delicate jewellery and pretty brooches. Fur stoles, fur coats mid to long length. Mid heel shoes.

1940s Nylon, polyester, denim, leather, wool, rayon and cotton Chocolate, navy, black, burgundy, cardinal red, royal blue, grey and gold. Avoid neons, gaudy prints and bright colours Peplum waist jackets, dungarees and jeans. Boxy military style suits. Shoulder pads, fitted knitwear, A-line skirts. High waist, wide swing pants with turn ups. Pleats, shirt dresses, ruching. Wide brim hats, strapless eveningwear, seamed stockings, negligees. Oxford brogues, Mary Janes, peep toes and block heels.

1950s Nylon, denim, leather, cotton, cotton mix, linen, silk, crinoline, spandex, acrylic and polyester  Vibrant colours such as red, pink, blue. Candy stripes, in white/baby blue or pink. Bold floral designs and Hawaiian prints. Polka dots. Coned pointy bras, corsets, seamed stockings, girdles and basques. Hourglass shapes with nipped in, high waists. Halter necks, capri/cropped denims jeans or pants. Wide or straight legs with turn ups. Fitted knitwear. Full skirts with net petticoats for volume. Fitted pencil/wiggle skirts and dresses. Ballerina flats, wedges, winkle pickers, creepers and high heels.

1960s Polyester, nylon, acrylic, vinyl and PVC. Leather, suede, rayon, blended fabrics such as poly cotton. Black, red, yellow, orange, vibrant and bright psychedelic prints, silver, blue, green, mustard and white. Tie dyes. Pinafore dresses, bias cut skirts, mini skirts. Hipster short flared jeans/trousers. Fitted long line Audrey Hepburn pencil dresses. Turtle neck sweaters. Textured stockings. Square toe shoes. Straight leg pant suits, Wet look square heeled go go knee boots. Silver space age wear. Kaftans.

1970s Courtelle jersey, High and low bulk polyester, Trevira, viscose rayon, cotton, sanitised polyester and spandex, wool, denim and nylon. Anything bright such as oranges, reds, pinks, yellows and greens. Sequins and embroidery. Hot pants with tight sweaters. Spandex jump suits. Bell bottom trousers and jeans. Knitted skull caps, knitted tank tops. Pointy collared shirts and blouses. Gypsy skirts. Flowing maxi dresses fitted under the bust. Ponchos. Loose t-shirts with large logos belted at the waist . Billowy, bell cuffed sleeves. Platform shoes and wedges.
1980s Velvet or velour, cashmere, alpaca, wool, cotton, denim. Acetate, polyester and blended polyester. Spandex and rayon. Wool and leather. Black and bright bold colours such as cobalt blue, hot pink, neon green and yellow. Red, orange and purple. Tartan. Leggings and leg warmers. Power dresses with shoulder pads. Over sized tops and tees. Stirrup and harem pants. Parachute pants, fingerless gloves. Denim and leather skirts. Dungarees. Batwing sleeves. Ruching and tapered sleeves and leg shapes such as 'mom jeans'. Mini skirts with leggings or thick textured tights. High heels, pixie and slouch boots.
1990s Leather, cotton and denim. Flannel, velvet, nylon, polyester, wool and PVC. Neutral colours such as beige, cream, black and brown. Blue, red, and pink. Abstract patterns and florals. Stripes. Tartan and neons. Cut off shorts, denim dresses. Crop tops and Pop Art print tees. High waist jeans. Oversized shirts and stretch mini's. Mickey Mouse tees. Tartan kilts and shirts. Spandex peddle pushers. Fitted pencil dresses. Tie shirt waister tea dresses. Roller skates. Denim jackets. Jelly shoes, leggings. Crimped hair, backpacks.
Bandanas and dungarees.

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