Buy a Nokia N97 - should you think twice?

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Ok so for the price I was looking to spend on a phone the options were: iPhone 3GS 16GB or a Nokia N97, each retailing at around £450. After choosing the Nokia, this is what I have discovered. Lets start with the good points: 1) The screen has a high resolution, sharp and bright display. Its big enough to actually view proper sized photos and web pages on without needing a magnifying glass. 2) The touch screen is highly responsive, and suprisingly the screen is not a grease-magnet for fingerprints like some other touch screen phones on the market (however Nokia do supply a cleaning cloth with the phone just in case you happen to have particularly grubby hands!) 3) For a phone being marketed as a smartphone and not a camera phone (like the Cybershots) the camera is pretty good. With a 5MP capability, pictures are sharp and clear. It also has an inbuilt auto flash and auto focus function. There is also a video capture option, but we'll come to that later.. 4) It does look like you just spent a months wages on it. I had the white version of this phone (it also comes in black) and it was very sleek and smart. The battery cover is a matte, pearlescent white. There is chrome effect on the front that doesn't look plasticky, because it is proper metal. When you put it on the table in Starbucks whilst meeting friends on a morning coffee break, they'll say "wow, thats a nice phone", not something you get with your standard candy-bar style. Then, when you hand it to them and they slide out the QWERTY keyboard they're even more impressed, and you know that secretly they were wishing they hadn't just upgraded to a face-lifeted version of their old phone. 5) Its packed with neat little gadgets like an FM transmitter, GPS Mapping and much more than can be accessed via the OviStore app already pre-loaded. However, these applications offer nowhere near what you can get on the iTunes store, and they tend to be a lot more expensive. Ok and now to the not so good: 1) The battery life is appalling. If you need to have your email client, facebook, wi-fi or twitter running constantly then expect the battery to be zapped pretty darn quick! Even with an overnight charge, with a normal days usage its usually on its last legs by about 8pm. I'd suggest investing in a car-charger or spare battery if you are unable to access a power outlet for a long period of time. I do believe that having such a big hard drive doesn't help this problem, as I have since owned a mini version (8GB) of this phone, and don't seem to get the same problem. 2) The video capture isn't great. The playback shows the frames as jerky and the sound is also poor quality. But the most annoying thing is that you cannot Bluetooth your videos to another device. Pointless or what? In conclusion, the Nokia N97 is an excellent smartphone. It has impressive looks, high tech features and a good quality camera. However, consider what you really need the phone for. If you can be next to a PC all day and have facebook/email/web browser open all day and only need it for calls and texts then its a fab phone. But for anything else you may want to consider something a little smaller.
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