Buy authentic Anya Hindmarch I'm Not A Plastic Bag

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Please be aware of duplicated versions of I'm Not A Plastic Bag.


** Duplicated bags may look exactly the same as authentic ones because they are very easy to copy.

** Tags can not prove whether bags are authentic, as they are not difficult to copy too. Some authentic bags do not come with tags.

** Any bags wrapped in a tranparent plastic film are fake. Remember Anya doesn't do plastic packaging. What are you buying? I'm not a plastic bag...


** You should always buy from reliable source and ask for a proof of purchase.

What I will avoid or have second thought:

** When I see there is a listing with a picture of a pile of bags, each wrapped in plastic film

** New registered eBay ID

** Bag is located in or will be dispatched from the place where Anya doesn't sell the bag, for example China (Shanghai, Beijing).

If you are looking forward to buying an authentic I'm Not A Plastic Bag, I hope my guide is helpful.
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