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I listed my mobile phone with a buy it now option and 3 times in 2 days it was snapped up immediately by uk bidders newly registered, sounds ok but once contacted the members then requested an invoice including shipping costs to send the phone to Nigeria.  Please be wary of any requests to do this because as soon as you tell them the item is shipped they cancel their membership to ebay and you can no longer contact them.  I was very lucky that I did not trust the alleged emails from paypal saying the payment was waiting to be verified, and the ones allegedly from  ebay requesting that i send a tracking number for the posted item so that paypal can verify my payment!  Be aware that these emails look very genuine but whatever you do, DO NOT click on any links within the emails or give out any personal information.  If in any doubt about how genuine an email is just forward it to ebay or paypal and they can tell you whether you are being scammed or not, and their response is rapid!

Remember that if a buyer is willing to pay at length for postage (in my case £50) it is usually because they have no intention of making any payments to you but rip you off instead!I hope this will aid ebay in reporting suspicious activity and help innocent honest ebay users avoid being scammed.

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