Buy or make wiccan pagan occult supplies & how much?

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Buying or making your supplies explained.

Merry meet to all.

I have recently started up my business after years of practising what is commonly known as magic or the craft (witchcraft). For years I have found prices rising for items that should be personal and useful to my faith. Since opening my store I have been asked on many an occasion whether it is better to buy or make your own items for use in spells and rituals.

To be honest there is no correct answer to this but i have decided to write a quick guide for people either wishing to learn or getting confused on what they need to do and have.

There is no right way to practise wicca, paganism or witchcraft this is down to personal preference, witches pagans and wiccans are not evil and do not cast hexes on people (not unless they want serious reprocussions) Most wiccans and witches have an area where they have a small/medium or large Altar. On this altar you can include many items, some of which you can not make yourself and some which you can collect and make taking hours or a few seconds to do.

Atheme- a type of dagger double sided yet not sharp as this is not meant for cutting, it is meant for rituals to connect a god to goddess which is generally explained in most viable literature on the subject. It is not made for killing or sacraficing any living being. Most people will tel you that you can not make an Atheme as they are genarally metal with a black handle, however i have seen some made from wood with a leather bound black handle, i would expect to pay around £10 to £30 (the hhigher being a very detailed version)

The bolline- again as above however this knife can be very sharp generally a curved blade with a white handle. Not something you could make unless you are very skilled blacksmith I would expect  to pay around £10-£50 (the higher being a very detailed version)

Book of shadows: You will see lots of these on ebay along with blank spell books and dream pads. You do not HAVE to buy a book of shadows but if you happen to come acrossed one that speaks to you I would expect to pay around £10 (resin back) £15 (linen cover hard back) £20 (sythetic leather hard back) £15-£25 (natural materials hard back) and £45 (real leather hard back) for a small spell book no more than £9.99 other wise its a rip off. A ring binder or handmade book will do just as well and be more personal.

The broom: Ok this has a lot of stigma attached however alot of witches now make there own round not flat brooms and name them, i wouldnt pay more than £17 for a good one though if i was buying one.

Candles: for spells and general workings expect to pay from £0.59p for votive £6 for 7 day burners and anything from £5 up for imaged candles and sets of spell candles. You can make candles yourself althoughit is time consuming the outcome will be personal.

The cauldren: Yep the old witches boiling pot not so easy to obtain now days and many witches just use an old saucepan or cassorol pot and decorate it, however to buy they usually cost around £25 for a cast iron one or £12 for a ceramic one.

Incense burner/ Censor: Simple stupid really, there is no right type and yo could use one you bought years ago. However if you wanted a SPECIAL one it shouldnt cost more than £4 for a simple one and £30 for a really special one.

Chalice: useually long stemmed with a design or for a cheaper version plain costing no more than £10 (wooden with design) £10 (Polyresin and glass with design) £15 coloured resin and £5 - £50 for a silver variation with or without design depending on age (ie victorian) You could use and tall stemmed glass and paint a design on it of your choosing, or even buy a kit to do this with for around £7.

Pentacle: It shouldnt matter if this is just a piece of paper with the pentacle drawn on it as it is a mater of taste. almost always a flat disk with the picture on it it can be wooden, metal, wax, glass or clay so easy to make yourself however there are some very special ones on the market and they usually cost no more than £7 for a pair or £5 singles. An extremely special one will cost around £20 in wood.

Deity symbols: easy to make but usually a candle or statue. Candles priced as above and statues not usually more than £25 but it really depends on what you would like and the materials used.

Elemental Symbols: You do not need to buy these as they can be found in and around the home, some times you might prefer a kit with instuctions or directions on how to use the items but usually these items are ... salt, crystals, bowl of soil and a few others that you can buy id you know exactly what your doing(north). Candles, oil lamps, figures of dragons snakes or lions (south). Feathers, incense, bell, butterflies (east) and bowl of water, seashells, or water mammals/animals/reptiles/birds(west) prices are as follows £3-6 for a kit with instructions and every day objects. Crystals are usually from around £0.25 for very small chippings to £50 for a large rough cut peice. Figures of animals etc shouldnt be more than £5-£15 each.

Wands: Yep theres plenty to choose from and this is one of the main items causing the buy or not to buy question. Basically a wand should find YOU !!!! Whether ths is a tree branch (fallen) or a shop bought item you should STUMBLE acrossed it and never actually look for it. They can be made to order exactly how you want them though and usually cost around £15 for the privallidge. Plain wands cost anything from £2.50 to £10 and well made turned or crafted wands are usually from £10 up to around £40. You can buy wands with crytals embedded in them for around the £20 mark. Hand made wands ARE by far the best I would never buy a factory made wand firstly they are very expensive and secondly they are no longer naturally made.

Altar box: A match box or shoe box that has been decorated costing about £0.05p to £0.20p or a shop bought box usually wooden or resin for around £5 to £30 depending on size and design.

Herbs and resins: I will agree that SOME resins and herbs are quite rare and whilst we can grow them ourselves we do not all have green fingures, dont be had by people selling these items You shouldnt pay more than £4.50 for 100g and no more than £7 for the rarer ones. Kits can be bought however most of these have COMMON herbs such as Conkers and lavender flowers or bark???? Well im not being funny towards anyone but why buy these when they can be found on your doorstep for FREE. If you are going to buy a kit then contact the seller or shop and ask exactly what will be included as people make money from unsuspecting people that have just started in the craft dont pay any more than around £15 for a reasonable starter kit usually consisting of 40 to 50 different varietes and no more than £30-£40 fo a kit with over a hundred.

The argument of to buy items or not still stands and i will agree when you first start out in the craft it is easier to buy as you need to learn, however all i ask is you STOP AND THINK before buying an item "could i make it?" or "Do i need to buy this?" that way you are buying what you need saving your money for things you can make and making stronger spells and rituals for yourself or coven.

Watch postage on all items, postage for parcels is now:-
 £3.85 up to 1KG
 £4.95 up to 1.5KG
 £5.68 up to 2KG
 £8.24 up to 4KG

Insurance is £1.00 up to £100

Recorded delivery is no more than £3.00

Dont be ripped off by people selling for a good price and wacking an extra £5 to £15 postage on top.

blessings to all

Merry part.

I hope this helps, if you have any other questions you can contact me via ebay

Yours with warmest blessings

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