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I am at an age when I now see fashion repeating itself!

I love fashion of today, takes me back to yesteryear.  Yet there something about it that isn't quite right.  Buying vintage means you can get the look for half the price, quality and of course  the fact that you are unlikely to have an awkward moment...  I feel clothes should showcase how you feel and what you believe - sounds dramatic, that just how passionate I am about it.  You only get to look good once so why not go for it. 
Okay I'm not talking about 'the puffball skirts' or 'shell suits' are best forgotten (although the 80's is my absolute favorite decade) - I am talking about the gorgeous floral skirt suit by St Michael, a silk relaxed blouse by C&A or a fantastic long coat by Wallis are  a few of the high street shops that gave smaller boutiques a run for there money when it came to women looking brilliant.  Of course there are many others - Biba, Hampstead Bazaar, Windsmoor are a few that come to mind. 
The London Fashion Guide Spring  1975 used the motto  by M.G.M.Studio's 'Do it big, do it right, give it class'  to describe Marks & Spencer.  I know I appear to be focusing on M&S, what I am trying to say is - if you want to go for a true vintage look, adding a touch of 2014/15 remember that quote hopefully you won't go wrong.
Long live Vintage!

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