Buy your perfect house that's not on the market

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We have all experienced walking past the "perfect" property, be it in our local area, or in a favourite holiday location. Unfortunately the natural odds will mean that this property never comes onto the market at the right time! offers a highly focussed and professional service which maximises the chances that the owner of that ideal property is prepared to sell. You could always drop a pleading letter through the postbox of the house yourself, but owners are very reluctant to sell directly, and approaches through agents have a much better success rate.

It is a delicate approach and HouseSniffer are very aware of the sensitivity and the best way to progress. You do find people that are prepared to sell because their home is now unsuitable for a whole host of reasons. When they receive a letter saying someone is specifically interested in their property it gives them the impetus they need. This initial contact letter is personalised by us to include accurate details retrieved via land registry records. It will also include the outline details of the person making the enquiry, so as to boost the validity and authenticity of the enquiry.

Recent initiatives and market conditions can make this approach highly compelling to the seller. Since the property has not been marketed by the seller, the property avoids the need for a HIP (Home Information Pack). Additionally, the seller will not have to pay the high commission that would be payable when dealing with a traditional agent (typically 2%). can deal with any transaction right through to the end of the transaction, providing advice and reassurance to both buyer and seller. Use us to take the risk and hassle from your potential dream move!


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