Buyer Beware - Clothes by Toast

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Don't get me wrong. I love Toast, with a passion.

There are only two other clothing lines I love more, Brora, and original Alexander McQueen (that is true Alexander McQueen, not Sarah Burton (sorry Sarah!))

As for Toast, while they make some of the coolest and most beautiful clothes on the market, some of their items of clothing are simply torture to wear.

I am talking about the jumpers and jackets made from badly-chosen wool mixes, 100% wool, 100% Shetland Wool and such.

If it is 100% merino wool, it will not be itchy at all. Obviously the same is true of anything made from 100% cashmere, but I have had coats and jumpers, either directly from Toast, or via eBay, that were simply impossible to wear (unless you are the very worst kind of masochist.)

It can be hard to tell what is going to be fine, and what will be a complete waste of money (which is saying something as Toast clothing can be very expensive.) So, frankly, if you are going to buy something woollen by Toast, either on eBay or directly from the company, please be aware that it may be tortuous to wear, and you will want to ensure that you have the right to return the product.

A few people buy Toast, find the clothing impossible to wear... they miss the window to return it to Toast (usually through their own stubbornness, as Toast have quite a long window for returns) then they decide they can make a lot of their money back fobbing the thing off on some unsuspecting soul on eBay.

I have fallen into this trap recently.

So I just thought I would create this guide, as maybe it will save you from making the same mistake!

Happy shopping!

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