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Watch out for buyers who say they are interested in buying your item and offering high amounts of money for them, and asking you to send the item to their son in Nigeria. My one tried to send the money via Money Gram, but I've heard someone else who nearly got scammed got offered payment through PayPal. It seems they are scamming mobile phones, but they may be on to anything.

These are some of the messages I got.

From pkm9aa1y5mc463g:

Hello i am interested in the immediate purchase of this unit and will be making payment right away,i shall also be ready to pay for the shipment fee.I will offer you $350.00 including the shipment fee through USPS Global Express.As for the payment i will like to pay you through Money Gram.i will like to ask if you would be able to ship as soon as payment is confirmed and approved by Money Gram(M O),this is due to the fact that its demand is high in my store and so i will want to complete the transaction in a very timely manner.if you can do this, email me with your name, contact address and your phone number including your full email address so that i can proced with payment right away.let me quickly say that i will prfer the shipment of the unit to be made GlobaL Express .also i will not want you to email me into my ebay account cos if you email me into the account the mail will not show up that mean i will not be able to read it.mail me back to this address perish_morgan04@ yahoo. com


Dear Seller,
            Thanks for the quickly response that you gave to me.I really understand what you mean by this mail.yes as soon as you receive the confirmation notification  of my payment and you will pack the package well including the manual and take it to USPS Global Express post office and tell them that you want to ship this item to nigeria,it cannot cost you $120 it will be around $60-$80 to ship the item to my grandson in Nigeria and i am ready to bear of it which means that i will pay for it.. As to make the payment i will need your full name and your address including your mobile phone number.I promise you that once i get all the information from you.I will quickly arrange for the payment on time.I will be more than happy if you can make  this transaction with you..
Mrs perish

okay i will pay for grandson  Shipping Address.
Kindly help me to pack the item well for my grandson as help me to including all the manual with it.Thanks for making this transaction with me email me with your name, contact addres and your phone number including your full email address so that i can proceed with payment right away.let me quickly say that i will prfer the shipment of the unit to be made via TNT or Royal Mail.


Mrs perish morgan......

And more from becksigg90ts552 who is obviously on the same scam. Note the address is the same:

Dear Seller,
I am a medical Doctor from Caterham, Surrey in the UK.I am on a medical research program in West Africa in connection with the World Health Organization(WHO). I would need your item for my private usage here.I will like to know the present working conditions of the item.Does it have it's accessories and it's box.I will be offering £220 for the item including shipping via RoyalMail Service down here. I will be making payment via Postal Order or Paypal, I can increase my offer if the offer is not enough.I need this item urgently so i would be expecting a quick response from you. Please reply with your email address where i could contact you to.



The delivery address is Ibadan,Oyo State,234-02,Nigeria...




Watch out!


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