Buyer of Coca Cola Drinks Fridges Beware

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Just a word of warning if  you are thinking of purchasing a Coca Cola drinks fridge..........

I bought one approx 16 months ago from an ebayer who had bought a florist shop where the fridge was used to store flowers.  The new shop owner did not need the fridge so advertised and sold it on ebay.  Well imagine my suprise when 2 months ago a Cola Cola sales rep paid me a visit to enquire whether I had a contract with the CC company for the fridge.  When I advised him no, he took the serial number of the fridge. He later returned to advise that the fridge had been under contract to someone in London (which is where we collected the fridge from) and that it was not their property to sell.  So, I had to make one of two choices; either sign a contract and have to stock 80% of CC products and display to the CC Co planogram or have the fridge repossessed.

Well, I am not one to roll over and take ultimatums lying down or at face value, so I called the CC Company.  I was advised by their customer adviser that the CC company NEVER sell these fridges and that they have a 4 month waiting list for them, and that the employees take their job so seriously they report shops that are not displaying to planogram, even when on holiday!!

I  have told them, before they take the fridge away they will have to prove they have pursued the person they had the contract with and that they have been unsuccessful in obtaining comphensation.  Otherwise the fridge ain't going nowhere. 

However, realistically, if they can prove ownership and a breach of contract I cannot legally own the damn fridge!!!!!  So my advice is, before you buy one get the serial number and call the CC Company to enquire whether the fridge is on their 'missing' list.

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