Buyers Beware Ebay do nothing about it

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I have seen many guides about sellers breaking the rules to beware of.

Beware of    'MassageRoyal'. His name is Adil Mahmood so he says. He works out of Edinburgh.
His contact details are not complete. His mobile number is invalid and no proper address is given. I have his home number now though.

I bought a Massage Table from him and had promise after promise it would arrive. He promises 24HR DELIVERY. This is false. I needed mine in 24hrs for my salon and lost money due to his incompetance.

BEWARE of this user.

I finally got my table after poor comms and it took well over a month. He promised a massage chair as compensation. It never arrived.

I contacted the Police about this man as I had paid for the item and he was showing no real effort to get it to me. They filed my complaint, I didn;t take it any further after the table arrived but I would have sued.

Please don't be afraid to take these sellers to the small claims courts or Police. If you have paid for an item and they show no willing to send it, they are IN BREACH OF CONTRACT and the Police class this as THEFT.

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