Buyers Leaving Sellers Unfair Feedback.

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I have noticed over the last many months that a very few buyers,but still too many nonetheless,who leave negative or neutral feedback when an Item is broken whilst in transit with the mail when it is packaged VERY CAREFULLY,,check the package on arrival to see....they are abusing the EBAY feedback system in effect by doing so when the seller,at and in almost all times,is packaging them properly with the correct types of material,as I have been packaging Items of all descriptions for over 14 years now,I know what I am doing,and I KNOW what I am talking about surely with most sellers in ensuring they are being packaged/done in a proper manner?.
I think that the feedback system is still not quite right as I have just had one lady who paid for an Item,then stopped the payment the day AFTER I mailed it off to her in the USA after I received her payment Via Paypal.SHE DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE PACKAGE BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK!!....
Please note that Paypal have a Disclaimer on their Site telling sellers that any payments made Via Paypal MAY STILL BE STOPPED?...have a look,you'll see it.
She then left me neutral feedback saying it was broken in three places?????....see what I mean about abusing the feedback system?.now she leaves me a neutral feedback claiming I didn't "Package it correctly"?{and yes,I know it could have been a negative}I know that I did package it very very carefully as I do with all Items,and if you see my feedback,all except two or three buyers are very pleased indeed with the service I had given them.
I sent a Guitar to the USA{I'm not picking on  the USA as they are among the best of my buyers}where the Buyer pointedly did not want,nor need as he put it,any form of Insurance for delivery,so the Guitar was extremely well packaged and sent off Via Airmail Small Packet.He then claimed that he hadn't received it, without the courtesy of contacting me,and almost before he was due to have it delivered,he said he hadn't received it?,he got a FULL refund from Paypal????.....
That cost me £135.00GBP.
Now I am insistent with Buyers Overseas who have Items ending over £29.00GBP MUST have the Insured Delivery or To Be Signed For.
Now they are having to pay MORE for delivery because I can't afford to lose any more money.
Makes you think doesn't it?.
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