Buyers - Read the Seller's Instructions!

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Buyers: Avoid problems by READING and COMPLYING with the instructions sellers have taken the time and trouble to include on their listings - they're usually there for a reason!
Granted, some sellers put vast amounts of long-winded blurb, a lot of which is sometimes not actually relevant - others, however, keep it short, simple, and to the point.
Some buyers, though, either don't read or simply choose to ignore what sellers have written.

In the case of my own auctions, for example, each description is split into three coloured sections - blue for the actual item details; green for payment instructions; and red regarding post and packing, etc. The green section comprises a single line and two separate three-line paragraphs; the red section a three-line paragraph and a separate four-line one.

The single line of my green section clearly states: 'Payment from within UK by Cheque or Postal Order' - and only the following separate paragraphs relating to OVERSEAS sales mention PayPal. There's a reason for it - PayPal charge me 3.4% of the total (including p&p) + 20p for each transaction, whilst a UK cheque or P.O. costs me nothing to bank....

So what happens? If some-one has asked for a postage and packing price and I have posted it as a response on the item page, more than once the winning bidder has sent an immediate PayPal payment - and I then have to spend time refunding it and sending a message explaining why.
I've learnt to add '....should you bid and win, please DO NOT send payment (ie PayPal) until after I have emailed you....' to p&p enquiry responses, but even that does not always work - as in the case of a recent auction, where some-one else won the item, saw the postage cost, IGNORED the rest of the response, paid immediately with PayPal, and actually said 'I looked on your questions for postage'....!

Worse still have been the occasions where, having emailed the buyer with the total amount due and pointed out that PayPal was available to overseas buyers only, they've gone ahead and used it anyway!

The first line of my red section states: 'Buyer pays actual post & packing costs.'
So what happens? More than once, I have received an immediate Paypal payment solely for the sale price of the item - so not only were payment instructions ignored, but also the fact that there was postage and packing to be paid!

The third line of my red section states: 'Multiple purchases are automatically combined to reduce costs.'
So what happens? I often get enquiries asking if I will reduce postage for more than one item!

The second paragraph in my red section states:
'Winning bidders please DO NOT 'Request Total' -
I will email you (usually within 48 hours of auction end)
AFTER I have calculated postage based on your location
as provided in the eBay 'End Of Auction' email notification.'
And what happens? I start getting 'Please send me total amount for eBay item....' messages within MINUTES of auctions ending - and some buyers will bombard me with them. The record so far is SIX in 24 hours from one buyer for one item!
Again, there's a reason why I put that - eBaying is my hobby, not my living, and I work full-time - so it can take a day or two to sort, pack, weigh and price items, especially if I've sold quite a few at once - and a stream of 'Please send me total...' emails does nothing to speed up that process....

Buyers, I and other sellers do our best to keep things clear and simple on our auctions - so please do us the courtesy of actually reading, digesting, and complying with what we've put! Thank you....

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