Buyers Taking Advantage OF eBay's New Feedback Policy

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Regarding eBay's decision to change their feedback policy...

I just want to express my opinions towards eBay's decision to change the feedback system as of 15th May 2008. I have noticed that a lot of buyers are starting to leave unjust and in most cases very unfair negative feedbacks for sellers, even though the transaction itself was successful. I have experienced this problem myself. I feel that when eBay changed the whole feedback system, they did not think about the honest sellers who would be affected by this change.

Its now very easy for a seller to sell something and then recieve feedback which is not appropriate to the transaction. Buyers now know that the 'ball is in their court', buyers now know that they can leave negative feedbacks without it being left for them. Whereas honest sellers on eBay now know that even if a transaction went well, the chances of them recieving neutral or negative feedback is very high.

I am sure that many buyers on eBay are taking advantage of this change in the feedback system, because what sellers have lost; buyers have gained. Sellers do not have any way of defending themselves from unappropriate feedback. Negative feedback cannot be removed once it is left...once its there, its there permanently for all to see.

I'm hoping that maybe at some stage in the near future, eBay may want to evaluate their feedback system...because its NOT FAIR on sellers. The feedback system makes seller's reputations, it divides the best sellers from the bad great worry is that a lot of  HONEST seller's reputations are going to be ruined by UNHONEST buyers.

In addition to this post, I have contacted eBay with the following question::

"I just want to state that the new feedback policy is not fair on sellers. Its common knowledge that buyers are now taking advantage of this new change in the feedback system, and a lot of unfair feedback is being left for honest sellers. I would wish that eBay look again into this matter, as the old feedback system was fair on all sellers and all buyers. What am I meant to do when I get a buyer who is abusive or who does not want to pay for the item that they have won? How am I meant to warn other sellers about abusive and none paying buyers? I can hardly leave positive feedback for them!"

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