Buyers are too quick to leave bad feedback for sellers!

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Buyers are too quick to leave neutral or negative feedback for sellers!

In these changing times buyers are becoming too quick to leave negative feedback for sellers without first trying to resolve whatever the problem may be.
Negative feedback should only be left as a last resort when communication with the seller has failed to resolve things.
Unfortunately some newbie buyers will quickly leave bad feedback not realising how much of a bad effect it could have on a seller.
Any decent seller will try their utmost to ensure a buyer is happy so all that is needed is a message to the seller to say that the buyer is not happy or that there is a problem.
Most sellers will accept a return and will then refund or give a partial refund depending on what has been agreed between the seller and the buyer.
If a buyer does leave negative or neutral feedback for you as a seller then you can do a factual follow up comment.
Communication is the key and will resolve most problems.
It is no good for a buyer to quickly leave neutral or negative feedback and then expect a refund or partial refund if:
a) The seller was not contacted first before leaving feedback.
b) The seller was not given a reasonable amount of time to resolve the problem.
c) The purchased item was not returned to the seller.
Many sellers will be reluctant to help once neutral or negative feedback has been left for them so have a little think before you rush into leaving bad feedback.
A seller that has been left bad feedback will usually block them from bidding on all their future auctions!
Sellers should also be aware of posting brand new items to other countries as customs officers do break seals to check contents which could cause problems with buyers.
It did with me and I was negged by a newbie buyer before having chance to resolve which is why I am writing this guide.
Now I will no longer post items either new or used outside of the UK as there nearly always seems to be one problem or another.
I did leave the following positive feedback for the buyer that left me negative: Buyer FAILED to allow me to resolve issue & chose to leave NEGATIVE FB instead!!
Buyers seem to be more demanding than they used to be and will leave bad feedback for the smallest seller mistake.
Sellers are only human and from time to time do make the odd mistake and should be given time to resolve them first instead of being punished!
At least give the seller the benefit of the doubt and let them correct or try to correct their mistake first.
Sellers that don't resolve problems usually end up with alot of bad feedback.
Feedback can be revised (via the Feedback Forum) but only up to 5 times in a year so use it wisely.
Some sellers (usually business) will still try to resolve problems even after bad feedback has been left for them.
Buyers won't revise feedback though if the seller hasn't sorted out whatever the problem is.
Sadly it seems almost impossible for sellers to retain 100% positive feedback as there are some 'nightmare buyers' out there.
You can do everything that you possibly can for them and still get neutral or negative feedback!
There is not alot a seller can do except block them from ever bidding or buying from all their current and future auctions.
Sellers can block up to 5,000 eBay members from their auctions which is useful for non paying bidders or buyers that cause problems.
Since May 2008 sellers are no longer able to leave neutral or negative feedback for buyers although I wish eBay would reverse this for sellers to use in certain circumstances (non paying bidders after a dispute when they still haven't paid and also for abusive eBay members).
Non Payment strikes for non paying bidders aren't visible and sellers should either be able to see when buyers receive them on their feedback page or eBay should give back sellers the right to neg them!
The only way to stop them is to list only on Buy it now's and specify immediate payment (tick the box 'Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy it now').
Remember that if you are a seller that receives negative feedback that it is just a red dot and will disappear from your feedback page after 12 months.
I know that it hurts but there isn't really much that you can do about it and unfortunately it is something that you will have to learn to deal with.
Don't forget to leave a calm factual follow up comment to the negative to show exactly how the buyer has treated you during the transaction.
Don't leave a follow up comment while you are still mad and fuming and leave it a couple of days later once you have calmed down.
What you write in the follow up comment will determine whether you gain or lose customers so think very carefully before you write it!
I sold a £200 item (PS3 Games Console) within a couple of hours of the negative feedback being left for me so fingers crossed that it hasn't affected too many potential bidders & buyers from all my auctions.
Please note that if as a seller you leave what is deemed to be a negative comment with positive feedback then the buyer does have grounds to ask eBay to remove it.
I should know as I have had a couple of my feedback comments removed!
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
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