Buyers have rights.

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 A common misconception on the part of buyers and sellers. Ebay is a traditonal auction, therefore buyers have no rights. This is wrong and incorrect.  Ebay is to blame for this and often allow sellers to flount buyers rights! Trading Standards are aware of the situation and have been registering many, many complaints.

Ebay is an auction style of selling and therefore not a traditional auction. Ebay do state this on the site, but is not easy to find. I also have an email from them confirming this. This means that consumers have legal rights. You as a Seller, whether a business or not, must be aware of these rights and not contravene them. Trading Standards will always give you advice on this. If you sell a few items each week every month, you are a Trader. If you are a private seller, the buyer has fewer rights, but rights all the same.

Businesses and Traders come under the Distance Selling Regulations of 2000, and the Sale of Goods Act of 1979. There is an e-commerce act as well. This means the buyer can cancel the contract within seven days and return the goods undamaged/unused within that time. If goods are returned after this time, then if they simply decide they do not like the item, they may have a refund minus postage. Returning goods falls within the reasonable time period, and this tends to be withint 28 days, unless electrical goods. If goods are not as described, not fit for the purpose for which they were bought, faulty, not free from minor or major defects, not of quality, you may return them for a full refund including postage. You do not need the origional packaging to return goods, but they must be safely packed to avoid damage. Your rights are if the goods are faulty: a replacement, a repair or full refund including postage. If the goods are electrical you have much longer. The seller has a duty of care for six years.

If you return faulty goods/not as described, more commonly known as misrepresentation, the seller must pay for this, either by refunding you or sending the money to you. When you purchase goods, your contract is with the seller, not the manufacturer or even the courier/postal service. If goods go missing, are damaged, it is the seller's responsibility to put in the claim and sort it out.

A seller may not put, no refunds, no returns, sold as seen. These are illegal terms. Beware of buying from private sellers. They are usually private for a reason, and when they had been traders on ebay and suddenly go private, beware! If you have a seller telling you that you have no rights once you bid on their item, report them to Trading Standards. This is illegal. If you want any more information or advice, I am raqsshairki on ebay and you can contact me that way.

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