Buyers & sellers to avoid on eBay - Named and shamed!

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Ever been conned, ripped off, sold duff items, received damaged goods, or had buyers disappearing without paying etc? 

Now's your chance to name and shame the worst eBayers on eBay...

This guide is a compilation of eBay sellers and buyers that have failed in what ever way to meet the standards eBay buyers and sellers expect when purchasing or selling on eBay.

After dealing with several eBay sellers and buyers I have found the majority are honest people just like you and me but there is always one or two (or loads) that just want to spoil it for everyone else... check this list before you spend your hard earned dosh or waste your time with a useless buyer.

Listed eBay sellers & buyers.. If you end up on this list its down to you to do what ever is nessasary to prove you shouldn't be here.. I will post your comments and let others judge you... If you have high support you will be removed, if not you will remain here...  your best course of action then would be to close your eBay account! 

eBay sellers & buyers I need your help...

Please send the name of any eBayer you feel has let you down with a very short reason why and I will post it on this page.

Who to avoid selling to on eBay:

Awaiting your comments.... several already to go on the list

Who to avoid buying from on eBay:

Awaiting your comments... several already to go on the list

eBay please note:

I would expect the response from those listed will be hostile and no doubt they will request that this guide be removed, however, as buyers and sellers we feel anyone who doesn't operate within the ethos of eBay (to provide an honest service to the eBay community) should be exposed and where possible removed from eBay (so the rest of us can enjoy buying and selling).    


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