Buyers wise with sellers eyes.

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Not all that glitters..

So you've browsed the 'For sale' section and decided on what you'd like to bid for? A real bargain eh?
Did you do your research? Lets me expand on this :
An example.. ~
Buying an electronic keyboard.
Did you visit the manufacturers site to find out about the item, manual, downloads, updates, software drivers?
Is the item no longer in production or obsolete? how many people do you think tout an item for sale knowing the item is no longer available to buy and yet expect buyers to pay as new prices? Do you think add on's and other extras will continue to be made available for the item or are you buying 'as new' ignoring this and the key FACT - you have no on going guarantee?
Did you compare prices on the web for the item which may still be available for sale ?!
I looked at a particular keyboard and found two key points ALL buyers should be aware of when it comes to price.
Firstly the new, yes NEW with GUARANTEE for 12 months on the item was £399.00.. FREE NEXT DAY delivery..  A second hand USED identical item on offer for £350 plus £7 delivery. So what would you buy?
MODELS and model numbers, features and more. Sometimes a cheaper model may surprise with the amount of features it has compared to another model. Check em out, COMPARE the model differences and what each has to offer but CONCENTRATE and EVALUATE as to what you want from the item you're after.. If something offers an irrelevant feature that you are not going to use why spend more when a cheaper model offers all the features you're after?
Believe me, I found a keyboard for £130.00 that offered me all I was after and the company concerned had another model VERY similar but almost TWICE the price and comparing, EVALUATING the features there was so little difference in what was on offer I could openly admit I had scored a BARGAIN.
The definite NO's to buying. DON'T be fooled by Manufacturers RECOMMENDED price quoted by some dealers.. SAVE £200 on list price of £400 !! Check other dealers and you will discover they all seem to be selling if not some, cheaper! the item in question.
What you should be looking at is the MARKET average price. Thus, if an item is selling for £200 on average the price you're looking at is £200 ! Anything less than that is a good buy to an outright bargain the less you pay for it, beit second hand or new.
"I bought it NEW for £485.00 only three months old.. now for sale at £350.00 grab yourself a bargain.. "
Dealers CURRENT price WITH GUARANTEE ah £399.00 Get the drift on what I'm saying? What THEY paid for it is irrelevant! Old news.. sorry but the moment you drove that brand new car off the forecourt you lost a £1000 ?!! The same applies to whatever you paid for it, weighed some months later against the price it is NOW.
Supply and demand is a good marker to weigh price against. IF a product is in demand expect to pay more for it but NEVER forget what is available NEW against the price you're bidding against. WHY would you buy that model IF a NEWER model offered identical AND more updated features for another £50 ?
AGE. A true factor that should never be ignored. If it goes wrong WHO is going to repair it and how expensive is it weighted against slinging it and buying new? That is of course IF it can be repaired!
Tech has moved at such a rapid rate what cost as we have seen at one point in time can drop overnight in price. Remember CRT colour televisions when they first came out ? To the LCD versions and their price now?
Ebay truly does if you play your cards right, offer some amazing bargains. BUT equally you can if you ignore doing some research, concentrate, evaluate your proposed buy.. be an expensive mistake.
Be wise, see it with the buyers eyes NOT the sellers eyes!
A lot of what I have said also applies to SELLERS ! Ignore the market prices and fail to do your research, to put your item for sale at a ridiculously high price when the same item is available with all guarantees, next day delivery and more giving the buyer £50 off IS NOT the way to sell.. cos most of the time it won't sell!
Hope this has been of use to you readers.. prospectors. Lastly, I noted one item with a seller who had a score of 1, selling a high price item and asking it to be paid via bank transfer. Let me give due warning to buyers.. The ONLY time an item in this scenario would happen re myself is IF I was physically collecting the item. NEVER EVER pass cash over in instances such as this if you are having the item posted.
£300 bank transfer to someone you don't know.. is a pure act of stupidity.
eBAY is a great place to shop and the wise with buyers not sellers eyes will from time to time pick up a real bargain.

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