Buying 20th Century Art On Ebay

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This small guide will be published in early 2016

We will be writing a small guide on buying art from Ebay in 2016 which will offer advice and tips on buying paintings and prints. We have spent the last 10 years building up experiences and knowledge of the art market, its pitfalls, its challenges and its thrills.
We want our potential customers to fully understand what they are buying and to open up the opportunity to confidently purchase and subsequently enjoy art in their home or from an investment perspective. 
We handpick everything we sell and sell nothing we ourselves wouldn't put on our wall - the age old adage "buy what you like" rings true as clearly others like it too!
We will offer tips and advice for Ebayers looking to purchase art - separating the wheat from the chaff- and there's unfortunately plenty of chaff on Ebay!!
We are always looking to buy paintings for cash so please do get in touch with us if you have something you'd like to sell or perhaps just an outline valuation - we're happy to help where we can. {eBayStoresItemList}
Please come back in a few weeks time.
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