Buying 2nd Hand Skis

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Beware when you buy older ski's or bindings, the skis themselves may be in good nick and will most likely be usable, however its the older bindings that could be a problem....
All binding manufacturers have an indemnified bindings list;  this basically means that they still provide technical / product support for the binding. If a binding is more than say 5-8 years old there is a good chance that it is not indemnified by the manufacturer (this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer)

What does this mean I hear you say?

Chances are if you are buying old skis you are buying on purpose and you know what you are doing, however if you are a beginner and are buying a cheap pair, this means that when you take the skis to a shop to get them adjusted to your boot size / din rating, and or serviced (a used set of skis will likely need all of this!) the technican won't touch them - "sorry, not supported by the manufacturer mate" they could work on them, but would then be liable if you sustained an injury due to the bindings not working properly

The following website (nothing to do with me but very helpfull!)  has good advice on buying skis, and a current up to date list of indemnified bindings - - gear guide

Check the make and model of the binding against the indemnified list before buying or you may find yourself with a useless set of skis gathering dust in your loft / garage, better still don't buy unless you know exactly what your are getting.
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