Buying 2nd hand oil tanks

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The importance of buying the correct oil tank

Not all oil tanks are the same....  Do you really want to risk buying the incorrect oil tank and have all your fuel go into the ground?  This can lead to clean up costs of thousands of pounds and months of upheaval.   I see many plastic oil tanks advertised for sale on the internet where the manufacturers have already gone bankrupt (so tanks have no warranties) and steel tanks that should be scrapped rather than resold.  Please be careful when buying 2nd hand oil tanks and make sure you do your homework!  I also see oil tanks advertised that are many years old or advertised as bunded tanks when they in fact only single skin or 2nd hand tank selling for more money than a new one would be.  I have seen tanks sold with damage to them, stating they can be fixed - plastic tanks cannot be fixed and once they start to fail, they fail quite quickly and no they cannot be fixed, steel tanks again may look ok on the outside but could be rusty on the inside and if they have been sat on pillars for years, once they are lifted off this can cause part of the base to be left on the pillars and therefore leak as soon as its reinstalled!  Take care with what you buy and contact an Oftec registered engineer whenever possible.  Buying cheap now can cost you massively in the future. 

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