Buying A New or Used Sewing Machine on eBay

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If you're looking for a sewing machine, whether new or used, you might not have considered one option for picking yourself up a bargain.  eBay!

At present this offers some great opportunities to pick up the best buy online without even stepping out of your front door!

You can pick up brand new sewing or embroidery machines from top brands such as Singer, Brother, Viking / Husqvarna, Viking and Kenmore with a full warranty for substantially less than it will cost you in a store. With very low overheads, many eBay shops offer real bargain prices.

If you're worried what happens if you're not happy that the machine is as it was described,. remember that the feedback rating is very important to eBay sellers. Simply choose a seller with at least 99% feedback who's sold more than 50 items. This minimises the risk of any problems - do read through the feedback as this will give you an idea how satisfied previous customers have been. Buying from a Powerseller means that you've even less likely to have any problems.

Many sellers and stores also offer a return policy if you feel that the item that you've received is not what was described in their listing. Although you're unlikely to get the cost of postage returned, at least this will cover the expensive investment that you've made.

Paying with Paypal also offers you some protection as a buyer - check the Paypal website for further details.

There are two main formats for buying - Buy It Now and auctions. Whilst you can be secure of your purchase with the buy it now format, an auction does offer the possibility of a real bargain.

Whereas the price of old Singer sewing machines in conventional auction houses may be high, at the time of writing this article, a vintage Singer sewing machine was being sold at just $25 (with just minutes to go to the end of the auction).

eBay is also handy if you've already got a machine but have mislaid the manual - it's relatively easy to pick up a spare manual for your existing machine.

Looking for notions such as thread, needles and spare parts - check eBay again - you'll be surprised how easy it is to have them delivered to your door!

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