Buying A Static Caravan Whitley Bay

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In my experience people looking into buying holiday homes have alot of questions like;

What are the site fees? What do they cover & what do I get for my money?

Our site fees start from as little as £2,975. The great thing about site fees here at Whitley Bay is that we don't have any age limit on the caravans. Alot of parks only allow you to keep your caravan on their parks until it's 10 years old. The other good thing is that we don't charge winter storeage, some parks advertise a lower site fee then make another charge for winter storeage, we dont do that. Our site fees run from January to December so you can use the caravan as much as you like, and there are many ways our customers pay. There are some other costs, rate, insurance and utilities, which rounded up comes to about £800. A lot of our customers don't worry too much about the costs as they offset their running costs against sublet income.

How can I pay for a caravan? Are there different funding options available to me?

There are 3 ways in which people usually, a few customers are lucky enough to have the money saved up to pay outright, this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. The 2nd option is what we call third party funding, this can be a bank loan or money borrowed from a friend. The 3rd option is the most popular with our customers, they take advantage of one of  our specialist holiday home funding packages, the reason this is so popular is because the customer only needs to provide a 10% deposit upfront then they can pay for their holiday home in justifiable monthly payments. We also offer guaranteed funding as we know how hard it can be to obtain credit.

How easy is it to buy a caravan?

If someone decides to buy with us most customers would leave a 10% deposit on the day as that means they get to move into their holiday home as quick as possible. At this point we fill in an order form and you would meet with the general manager to go through the paperwork and decide on a moving in day.

If you like many prospective holiday home buyers have alot of other questions around caravans, the park or site fees please feel free to contact me through my  ME page or call 07446 111 787

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