Buying A Vince Lombardi Trophy on Ebay

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There have been 48 Super Bowl finals played since 1967. Most people want to choose a Lombardi engraved with a final that their team won and that they enjoyed watching. Some buyers like them for their fantasy league, Others just love man caves. The real Lombardi is made from sterling silver by Tiffany at a cost of over $20.000 dollars, the trophy is presented to the winning team and returned back to Tiffany for engraving. 
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What You Need To Understand
Firstly you will not be buying a solid silver Lombardi, and unless the seller has the completed engraved trophy in stock for your year the chances are it will need engraving. There are 48 variations to choose from and so sellers will introduce the engraving as a separate addition to the purchase. In other words you are only buying a blank until this service is completed. This will have implications with the lead time on your purchase. 
Difference In Engraving.
You will not be waiting for the seller to simply engrave the front of the trophy, as seen on TV with some sports. Tiffany have several silver bases in reserve just for the engraving alone. You are buying a none precious metal trophy, normally they are either brass, stainless steel, or copper base metal, along with a nickel or silver plated finish. The engraving processes are not the same, in your case the first stage on the blank trophy is the engraving. Unlike real silver that can be engraved directly, none precious metals need to be engraved first then plated over. Plating can not be engraved over because this will expose the base metal below. We are trying to make this trophy look as it should. 
Then there is the polishing and finishing. 
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A Thankless Task.
In reality most of the engraving is free for you, loved ones names, fantasy league, a score that never was! may have a small fee, this is because templates need designing and engraved art work is prone to errors etc. It is by nature a potential head ache for the seller. So many things can happen with a personalized hand made product in any craft. Rejected pieces, engraving errors, and mostly having to work to his lead time and obligations to you whilst having to rely on a third party who have no interest in eBay with regards to the sellers ratings, disputes, negative feedback, etc to get it done for him. Try to be patient and understanding in the knowledge he is putting the integrity of his account and eBay business on the line to fulfill your wishes.
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Protected With A Kiss
If things get delayed to a point where you begin to worry about your investment, the first step in avoiding any ill feeling is to simply ask the seller to issue you a refund via Paypal on the basis that once the trophy is all packaged and ready to go the seller issues you a Paypal invoice for the money and it gets delivered. You can still leave feedback if the seller fails to come through with his obligation to you which is the delivery of your trophy. The long awaited kiss will arrive ladies and gentlemen just go easy on the lip stick and arm yourselves with some liquid Brasso polish in preparation for the mass invasion of family and friends patiently waiting in the man cave. 
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