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Buying abroad or from the USA

We all know that Ebay is great for finding good bargains, especially items from oversea's where they have special edition items or designs that might not yet be out in the UK yet.
There have been a number of items that I have searched for on EBAY and ended up finding items from the USA or China. When items come from China, it has become hugely evident that they have been selling fake items or items that are branded as a specific design or specification but are actually copies.

One of the things that I have found using Ebay to purchase from oversea's is that it takes a lot longer than quoted for items to be shipped and there is also other charges that we are unaware of until they physically reach the UK. I was unaware that items of most catagories are subject to import tax.

I was completely unaware that there was the ability or chance to write reviews on ebay until "BzzAgent" made me aware that you could write this information. Thank you Bzzagent for giving me the chance to write this information and sharing my experiences with others. I will now read other reviews for making purchases and reviewing items specifically before committing to purchase


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