Buying Authentic Shearling Leather Bomber Jackets

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Things to know when buying an authentic shearling leather bomber jacket.

1. Shearling is not spelled Shirling.

2. You want to make sure your jacket is shearling. 
If it is not shearling, which it won't be if it has a nappa or napalan finish to it, then make sure you are getting a top grain grade of leather. Don't pay top grain prices for scrap flank or buff leather.

Ask your seller "What grade of leather is used in the construction of the jacket?"

"Shearling or Not Shearling?"  that is the question.

An authentic bomber jacket will be made of shearling.

3. Real shearling means that the hide and wool are one piece.  There is no separation between wool and hide during the removal of the hide and during the tanning.  The skin and wool is pulled off the lamb or sheep in one piece and then tanned as one piece.

The word "shearling" is incorrectly used if it is used to say that the coat has a wool lining.

Ask your seller, " Is the wool the original wool attached to the skin or another wool?".

4. Nappa is a process of tanning the skin to look soft and supple.  It is a process to make thicker leather and poor quality leather feel and look like lambskin. A skilled tanner can make pigskin appear to be lambskin.  Don't be fooled by the terminology.

5.  If it is quoted as "genuine leather" without mention of the hide used, you are probably getting nappa pig. Just because it is nappa supple and soft like lambskin does not mean you are getting lambskin or quality leather.

Ask your seller "What skin was used in the construction of this jacket?".

If nappa or napalan is mentioned with the word shearling in the description, your leather jacket will have a hide shell with wool glued or stitched onto the shell and is not authentic shearling. The proper description for a nappa leather jacket with wool lining should read as the following:

Nappa or Napalan (hide type) with (the country's name from which the wool came).
Nappa or napalan sheepskin with Australian wool lining.
Nappa cowhide with New Zealand wool lining.

It should NOT read napalan sheepskin shearling.

Any grade wool glued or stitched to any type of hide is NOT shearling.
 It is IMITATION shearling. 
Do not pay the expensive shearling price for a  jacket that is not shearling.

6.  An authentic B3 Bomber Jacket will have the D.O.D. specification of  2.5 - 3.0 point gauge thickness of leather as well as being authentic shearling.

Ask your seller "What gauge thickness is the leather used for construction?".

I hope this helps.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me, Laideem.






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