Buying Baby Clothes

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As every parent knows, buying clothes for our little ones, or big ones,  is a never ending task! First they grow constantly, then they don't want to wear what you buy them anymore.

When buying used Baby clothes, Newborn to 2, make sure you read the seller's feedback prior to bidding, to check whether the seller has received nice comments on sold clothes.

Check the description: is the item new? If it's used, how used is it? Does the seller tell you how used it is? Are there tears/stains? Does the seller tell you that she/he only sells clothes she/he would be happy for their own children to wear? That's definitely a good sign. You most likely won't be in for washed-out items that annoy all of us.

It's also a good idea to find a seller who is selling items on a regular basis and you can add him/her to your favorite list if you have had a nice experience with the seller. Many sellers will also give discounts on multiple purchases.

Check the postage costs: does the amount seem too high for the item? Check with the seller if you think so (for example, £ 3 for one top).

And last but by no means least, contact the seller prior to bidding if you have a question: for example, you would like to know more about the item/discounts on postage ,etc. A helpful seller will always be interested in getting back to you shortly.

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