Buying Baby Clothes On Ebay

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As a second time parent I am aware that plenty of clothing is one of the necessary expenses that comes with every child.
While i know buying second hand clothes is not for everyone, for me it is ideal as my new baby daughter is not in her clothes long enough to pay masses amounts of money for a single item. also i regularly buy clothes for my five year old son who grows so quick i cannot keep up with buying new trousers every other week. so ebay is an ideal place for me. i find bargains all the time. designer outfits for less than half the original price, and who can resist a bargain!
ANother reason i have used ebay is that when i was pregnant, i was trying to prepare for my new arrival and wanted to get in order for 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-9 months etc, however the shops only sell the clothes that are in season at the time. so i was shopping in summer but my baby girl needed winter clothes. so online i managed to find all the items we would need to keep her snuggly and warm during winter. 
i enjoy browsing through all different types of clothes and find that you can spot bargains when doing this however if i am after something a little more specific then i will search for something with a little more detail such as "3-6months snowsuit". #gotadiscount


you should always have in mind what sort of items you are looking for and what sort of budget you are sticking with. also check what prices the items are gong for in the shops at their original price and whether or not you are making a big saving when you have paid for the item and postage.
A preliminary shopping list is essential when shopping online. and parents who keep in mind their shopping list have better insight as to how to go about finding the right baby clothes for the best price.
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