Buying Baby Clothing on Ebay

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I wish Ebay had been around when my children were babies!  What a super way to buy good quality baby clothes at reasonable prices.  Here is a quick guide to help you decide who to buy from (and who to avoid) when considering your Ebay purchases:

Clothing Bundles - a large selection of clothes from one seller available in one lot.  This is a great way to buy a collection of clothing (usually all in the same size).  However:
        Some of the larger bundles ('wow - 250 items!!') include lots of sleepsuits, vests, socks - with a pair of socks being 2 items.         Nearly all the large bundles will include some items that you won't want - like bibs or a winter coat - and some items that you do not like so much.

Individual Items - a good way of buying a special top or some trendy jeans.  Think what you already have that baby could wear with it - or will you need to buy more?  If so, check what else the same seller has to offer as you will probably get a postage discount (check with the seller before bidding).

Outfits - what a super way to get a matching set, often with socks or a hat.

General Hints

  • Look for the brand names of the items being sold.  Some sellers use 'Next' in their heading but the item may not be from Next (this is not allowed by Ebay, but plenty of sellers do it).
  • Allow plenty of time to read the auction through several times. 
  • Put any auctions you are interested in on your 'watch list' and keep going back to it as you will notice different things when re-reading it.
  • Check the seller's 'other items' and email the seller to confirm that you can get a reduced postage for buying more than one item.
  • Check the feedback of the seller.  If they have any negatives, see if they are from other buyers who were dissatisfied with the goods or service.  If you have any reservations about a seller, don't trade with them.
  •  If you have any queries or concerns, email the seller to ask about it before you bid.  A good seller will be able to put your mind at rest.
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