Buying Badges not Bodges!

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Badges can make a massive difference to the appearence of your vehicle and finding just the badge you have been seeking is an exciting expperience ... until it arrives!

What can go wrong? A badge is a badge isn't it? ... No!

Is the badge original? if so, it may need fixings - are they included? Is the finish perfect or does it require re-plating. Does it have any pitting?

Is the badge a replica? if so, so material is is made from? is it self adhesive? if so, is the self adhesive already fitted to the badge and trimmed to edge?

'Self Adhesive pads supplied' might just mean that you get a cheap plastic replica and a peel off sticky pad. If these are not made for the job, you'll find they will be far to thick, sponge type sticky pads ... the type used to hold number platrs etc. once there have made the slightest contact with your body work, it is stuck ..and so are you.

If you are buying a badge or decal for your vehicle, ask these questions.

If you are selling a badge or decal, be open and honest about the fixings. Logic would say that 'new original part' would suggest that the original and proper adhesive is supplied and unused, but someone may still ask you that question because you never stated it.

By the time you get to reply, the buyer could have purchased a badge elsewhere.

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