Buying Bargain Priced Designer Women's Jeggings

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Jeggings have become the one ‘must have’ item in every girls wardrobe. Their snug fit and ability to be the best bottom option says a lot. They are loved due to the fantastic fabric design which is blended elastane and denim cotton to allow the extra give of leggings and classic look of denim jeans. With skinny jeans being all the rage a fantastic transition to the jegging allowing for an active time if required when wearing.

The fabric was designed and created in Turkey by a top fashion house supplier (hope he patented it lol) and has spread like a juggarnaught around the globe featuring on every high street in the world, I think the jegging is here to stay with the top fashion houses producing more and more fantastic clothing ranges every year through designs that show a denim jeans look with buttons, studs and pockets or the plain style that looks like the legging.

We have purchased a fantastic joblot of high end, quality soft cotton stretch by the UK brand ‘WHITE STUFF’. With a retail tag of £49.95 we are knocking these out for a fraction of that being £11.99 + postage.

Buy your pair of BRAND NEW WITH TAGS* women’s ‘White Stuff’ jeggings / jeans today!
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