Buying Car Seats - The New Law - Being Safe

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I have noticed several sellers on eBay selling car seats and booster seats that are not legally suitable for the age, stage or weight that the seller claims.

The law has changed recently and Police can issue an on the spot fine of £30 for each child who is restrained incorrectly.

Not only that, all children should be restrained correctly at all times to avoid serious injury nevermind the fine.

As a Mom of three little ones and a registered childminder, I have to know what is legally required and therefore have decided to write a guide to help other parents and carers when buying seats on eBay.

1) Babies under 9 months (up to 20lbs) can only use a rear facing car seat (group 0, 0+)

2) Babies aged from 9 months and children upto age 4 must use a car seat that has an integral 5 point harness. They cannot use a booster chair with just a seat belt as a harness

3) From age 4 upto the age of 6, children can use a booster seat (that has a back on it aswell) with a regular seat belt.

4) From age 6 up to 11 children can use a booster cushion (without the back) and a regular seatbelt.

The above is a general guide but it will also depend on your child's weight and height, if unsure check with a reputable car seat retailer such as Mothercare or Halfords


Be safe - Don't take risks with your child's safety!


Car seats can be bought cheap enough (brand new, it is not reccommended that you buy second hand)



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