Buying Carp Tackle

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It can be tricky when deciding what you need to look for when buying tackle on eBay, especially unbranded gear.  You may have decided you are fed up of tackle shops' high prices, or you want to make a living from selling tackle, but want good quality gear, either in bulk or individually, but do not know what to look for.  Well it all depends on what you are buying.  Such things as hooks and line can be very tricky to choose, as a poor quality hook or weak line that is advertised as strong but fails you, may loose you valuable captures.  The thing to look for here is a trusted pattern, if it is not named look for links with big name brands.  When I started buying in bulk on eBay, I saw hooks that had been made in the same factory as the awesome E-S-P raptor hooks.  Therefore you have a safe bet in buying them, and aslong as the seller has good feedback then you can trust them.  Another trick is to read feedback and look for feedback off items which you are looking to buy.  The majority of people are always happy with their items, and some even post pictures of captures made with certain tackle brought of a certain seller.  This means we can have confidence in the item we are buying.  When buying things such as bait or luggage you need to look for brand names, without a doubt.  Or a trusted seller who makes bait, but check they use the best base mixes, such as mainline or nash, or you may end up with a bait you would not throw to your dog.  Even better is to buy cheap base mixes from eBay, that are branded and have a go at making your own baits.  It can be great fun and you may end up with a product that is great at catching fish and be able to sell it.

Overall, I would suggest in fishing to stick with brand names, and buy from reputable sellers on here. 

Happy angling

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