Buying Cashback Mobile Phone Deals

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Cashback Deals & Redemption Offers

Many retailers offer cashback and redemption deals on mobile phones, such as free line rental because most of the time we retailers bet on the customers to forget to claim their money back!

It is a well known fact that during the course of the contract customers will forget to keep bills and send them off in a timely manner. Therefore invalidating the terms of agreement and not getting their cashback deals.

However we offer you genuine cashback and redemption deals and we will show you how to keep everything in check to make sure you do receive your cashback, so you can end up actually receiving free line rental or discounted line rental on our mobile phone deals

  1. Make sure you can afford the upfront payments. You will have to pay the full monthly line rental then claim it back, receiving cheques that equate to your discounted line rental.
  2. Be sure you understand when to claim the cashback. Usually in installments at various times during the contract. For example it could be 3 months after purchasing the mobile phone. This can be found on our website after selecting your mobile phone deal and tariff, next to the "offer" heading it will display your deal with a link that will further explain on the cashback claiming process.
  3. Prepare your cashback returns as soon as you get your phone and keep a diary or notice board of when to return the bill.
  4. When sending your bill, send via Royal Mail Signed For Special Delivery, to make sure the bill does not "get lost" or is undelivered.
  5. Lastly please keep all your monthly statements, bills and records safe and in order. File your papers neatly and have them somewhere that you will not forget about them!
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