Buying Cheap Cordless Drills on eBay

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Buying Cheap Cordless Drills on eBay

The website eBay provides a huge selection of hardware and power tools, including the cordless drills that are essential to the collection of serious craftsmen as well as hobbyists. To obtain a great amount of versatility for as little an investment as possible, it is advisable to shop for cheap, cordless versions of power tools on eBay.

To choose a cheap cordless drill, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the product. Learn a bit about the history of the tool, the different styles and brands available, as well as packages or combination kits that are manufactured for the convenience of craftsmen. It is also good for a shopper to compare different options by their primary characteristics, added features, and comparative prices. With so many uses, buying a cordless drill to add to a collection of tools is an exciting experience that is made more so by perusing the vast selection on eBay.

Shopping for Cordless Drills on eBay

If your looking to do a bit of DIY, there are several ways to search for cordless drills on eBay. The first is to peruse through the myriad of options listed under the category of "Power Tools". You can obtain initial listings by typing this basic phrase into the search bar.

Another option is to limit the search by typing specific terms that fit the drill being sought. For example, enter a few descriptive words or phrases, such as "cordless power tool kits", "Makita power tools", "DeWalt drills", "cordless drill", or "cordless drill and screwdriver". This causes eBay to list only the items that match the phrase, which makes finding the appropriate drill much easier.

To ensure that the products presented are low in price, restrict the search by price point. Another way to keep the prices low is to limit the search to used or refurbished models, as these items are typically less expensive than new. To receive more tools and accessories for the investment, a prospective buyer can also consider purchasing tool kits that include a cordless drill or a cordless drill kit with multiple bits or features.

Background of Drills

The earliest drills consisted of pointed rocks that were spun and rotated in the hands of the user. Bow drills, which were similar to what was used by early man to start a fire, were next in the line of evolution. Electric drills were introduced in 1889 in Australia, and the contemporary design with the trigger handle were created by Black & Decker in 1917.

Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are a relatively recent element in the history of drills. This type uses a rechargeable battery pack to power the drill without constant connection to a main power line. Often, a prepared carpenter charges several battery packs to ensure a constant power source while working on a lengthy project without an electrical outlet nearby.

Benefits of Cordless Drills

The primary benefit of using a cordless drill is the versatility it offers. Where corded drills require a power source, which means staying near an outlet or dragging along an extension cord, a cordless drill can go anywhere. This means that it is useful for building a deck, drilling pilot holes into a fence post, and even roughing in a house. By charging the drill ahead of time, a carpenter ensures that the drill finishes the job at hand.

Popular Brands of Cordless Drills

Several brands of cordless drill are available on the market. Although the basic design is essentially the same, there are a few minor differences that make each unique. The following table describes a few of the main traits of some of the popular models of cordless drills, as well as the relative expense of each, compared to the others.

Cordless Drill

Primary Characteristics

Comparative Cost

Black & Decker HPD18AK-2 18-Volt High Performance Drill

Offers spindle-lock for quick bit tightening; comes with two 18-volt batteries, cup charger, 10-piece drill-bit set, and kit box


Black & Decker SS12C 12-Volt Smart Select Drill

Entry-level, no frills tool; comes with charger and carrying case


Bosch DDS180-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill

Offers a slim-pack or fatpack for battery pack variety; 20 clutch settings; comes with two slim-packs, 30-minute re-charger, and carrying case


DeWalt 18-Volt Cordless Compact Lithium Ion Drill

Offers two speed settings; comes with a 30-minute charger, two 18-volt compact Li-ion batteries, and kit box


Makitas FD02Z 3/8-inch 12-Volt Lithium Ion Compact Drill Driver

Offers two speed settings; available with or without battery


By comparing the brands of cordless drills, a consumer can narrow the focus of the search. The greater the understanding of the products available in the market, the more likely a personal preference is attained. This, in turn, helps the prospective buyer choose a specific type of cordless drill to look for.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Cordless Drill

When purchasing a cordless drill on eBay, there are a few additional elements to consider. Although buying a new cordless drill allows the consumer the option of obtaining a warranty, buying used options provides an opportunity to get more prestigious tools for a lower price. Another, practical option is to purchase a toolkit that supplies a drill or a drill kit that provides multiple drill bits and other accessories. By buying a package, the price per item is often less expensive.

Benefits of Buying a Cheap Cordless Drill

There are several benefits to purchasing a cheap cordless drill on eBay. Most of them are due to the buyer receiving a new drill for his or her investment. Since the tool is new, it most likely reimburses the buyer if the tool is substandard or breaks in an unacceptable amount of time. Since a new drill has never been used, it is pristine and structurally sound. It also comes in its original packaging with all of the instructions for use and maintenance intact.

Benefits of Buying a Used or Refurbished Cordless Drill

Used or refurbished drills on eBay provide the average buyer with options. Although the tools have been previously owned and used by others, they are likely to have been well maintained and cared for. Refurbished tools, especially, have been tested and brought back to a state of optimal performance. Because they are not new, used and refurbished cordless drills are much less expensive. This means that, for the same amount of money, a person has the option of buying a cheap new drill or a name brand used option. Particularly when a craftsman has a brand that he or she is loyal to, a used drill is the way to go.

Benefits of Buying a Toolkit

Often a carpenter, or even a hobbyist, finds that buying a kit provides a great amount of use for a smaller amount of money. Rather than spending the time and money buying each needed element separately, purchasing several tools all at once costs less. In addition to the financial advantage, buying a kit ensures that the accessories are guaranteed to fit the cordless drill.

Tips for Buying a Cordless Drill on eBay

When you have decided what type of drill you seek, spend some time looking through the listings on eBay. Look carefully at the photographs that accompany the listings and thoroughly read the descriptions provided by the seller. Compare the cordless drills based on price, condition, accessories, and prefered method of payment. By investing a few minutes of time doing the additional research, you minimise risk of weeks of disappointment and regret. If you are looking for a specific brand just search for that, for example 'Black & Decker'.

Buying with Confidence on eBay

To make your final decision, carefully evaluate the seller's information. Consider his or her rating and read the feedback left by the previous customers over the last twelve months. The feedback documents the customer's experiences with the particular vendor. By taking the time to consider this additional information, your purchase is made with confidence and peace of mind.

Once you have purchased and received a cordless drill, consider leaving feedback for future buyers. Factor in the availability and communication style of the seller. Focus on the level of customer service received, the quality of the product, and how well the product fits the description on eBay. This adds to the information about the vendor, which helps other customers make educated decisions about whether or not to deal with the seller.


Cordless drills are an essential tool for the average hobbyist as well as a professional carpenter. There are many popular brands of cordless drills available on eBay, at a variety of prices for a person to choose from.

Buying a cheap new drill allows a consumer to get a tool that has not been used and often includes protection from the buyer to avoid products with defects. Purchasing used tools allows a buyer to obtain ones that are typically more expensive than what he or she could otherwise afford. These tools are often refurbished and are in nearly new condition. Furthermore, identifying the positive aspects of buying used or refurbished power tools helps a prospective buyer to choose the optimum tool for the price preferred. By having a basic understanding of the product, as well as the options, the average buyer can be sure to make the right choice when shopping on eBay. Thanks to the website's powerful search functionalities, shoppers can look forward to a smooth experience when purchasing cheap cordless drills on eBay.

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