Buying Cheap Wholesale Links - What To Bare In Mind!

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Many people on ebay are now offering you information on wholesale products for what seems like a very cheap price! HOWEVER, there is a big catch for buyers !

This guide is here to ensure you don't fall in to the same trap as me in buying RUBBISH information.

Wholesale links vary from 99p to up to £20. These prices seem cheap but I guarantee they are a complete con!


What To Take Into Mind Before Buying These Links!

  • On top of the fee you will have to pay through ebay for wholesale information, all the links you will recieve, will require a registration fee to let you into their products. The smallest fee I have come across is £25 for only 3 months!!
  • Many of the distrubutors on the sites do not trade anymore, due to some of the sites being very old and most of the sites you will recieve no longer get updated.
  • Seller's mention that you can recieve up to 90% off of goods, you will be lucky to get 30%!


Before writing this guide I had taken my chances on a couple of different sellers advertising these links, trust me they are a complete waste of time and they all advertise the same links! No matter what the title of the information advertised is, whether it is video game's to clothing they all come under the same sites, which trust me are no good!

I hope this guide has helped you.

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