Buying Chinese Import Scooters

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This guide will hopefully help you to get the maximum enjoyment from your scooter. I will go through the registration process and give some tips for when you receive your scooter.

Registration Process

When you buy an import, it will need registering with the DVLA, so you can obtain a registratin number and the road tax disc. It is pretty straight forward. When the scooter was delivered, it should have come with an EU certificate of conformity and the import forms from customs. These forms are very important and without them, you will not be able to register the scooter. You then need to contact your local DVLA offices and request a V55/4 form. When you receive the paperwork, it is quite daunting but it's just a case of copying some information from the certificate of comformity to the form. You also need to have a valid driving license, and some insurance. I found it quite hard to obtain insurance for my scooter because I didn't have a registration number, but you can find some companies that will insure it using the chassis number of the scooter. However, there is normally a two week deadline for you to provide the registration number, or else the insurance will be cancelled (DVLA normally take about a week to process the registration).Once you have a cover note for the insurance, you need to send your driving license, the cover note, the completed paperwork(v55/4), customs forms and the certificate of conformity off to the DVLA, with a cheque for £53. Once they have received the forms, they will process your registration. Once you get your registration back - your road legal!!


When you receive the scooter, be sure to check all screws, nuts and bolts - but don't over tighten them as they can break or lose the thread (I know from personal experience ;@(

Change engine (if 4 stroke) and gear oil for a good quality type (the factory installed oil is very low quality).

The scooter engine will need 'running in'. The manuals recommend not exceeding 25mph for the first 300km.

There are several chinese scooter clubs on the internet, and they can be a source of valuable information on general maintenence and obtaining spare parts for your scooter.

Enjoy your new scooter and be careful on the roads!!



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